Karl Rove Predicts Donald Trump Will Fail To Overturn Election Result

Veteran GOP strategist Karl Rove on Wednesday broke ranks with prominent Republicans backing President Donald Trump’s reality-defying refusal to accept defeat in the 2020 verkiesing. In an op-ed published by The Wall Street Journal, Rove predicted Trump’s efforts to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s win are doomed. Rove, a former adviser to President George W. Bush who helped steer the U.S. into the Iraq War, said he agreed with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) assessment that Trump was “100% within his rights” to legally challenge the election result. “But the president’s efforts are unlikely to move a single state from Mr. Biden’s column, and certainly they’re not enough to change the final outcome,” Rove wrote in the opinion piece. “To win, Mr. Trump must prove systemic fraud, with illegal votes in the tens of thousands,” Rove continued. “There is no evidence of that so far.” Rove, a polarizing political figure seen as the architect of Bush’s 2000 en 2004 election victories, concluded the column with some advice for Trump: “Once his days in court are over, the president should do his part to unite the country by leading a peaceful transition and letting grievances go.” Read Rove’s full op-ed here.

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