Kristin Cavallari Explains How Heavily Edited ‘Laguna Beach’ Scenes Were

“Kristin Cavallari is coming clean about the illusions behind her first foray into reality TV.  The “Very Cavallari” alum talked about “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County,” and revealed how some scenes presented to viewers as real life were actually coached by producers and heavily edited.   “One time they had me and my two girlfriends walking down the street and they were filming us walking,” the cookbook author said Monday during an appearance on the “On the List” podcast with Brett Gursky. J. Merritt via Getty Images Kristin Cavallari, Stephen Colletti, Lauren Conrad and other cast members of MTV’s \”Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.\”  “And then they had a producer on the other side of the street and they were like, ‘Look over at her when you pass her.’ I’m like ‘OK.’ And the producer is making these faces at us. “So I was like, ’Oh my god, look at her face,” Cavallari said. “Then they make it seem like I’m talking about Lauren Conrad]. That kind of stuff. Lauren was never over there. I was never talking about Lauren. But when you watch it, you don’t understand all that stuff.” Now that would wash away your sanity.  “They used to have us do ‘wild lines’ too,” Cavallari added, saying that she and fellow castmates would “go in an audio booth and just record lines to make their story make sense. And you’re like, ‘OK, sure.’” “Now I’d be like, ‘I’m not saying that,’” she exclaimed.  John Shearer via Getty Images Lauren \”LC\” Conrad and Kristin Cavallari back in the day.  Cavallari has spoken before about how she and her castmates were “manipulated” by producers. Some, she said, would even text her lines.  ″‘Laguna Beach’ was tough,” Cavallari, founder of Uncommon James jewelry, told Us Weekly in 2016. “We didn’t realize how much we were being manipulated or put in situations that we wouldn’t normally be in.” She added: “We never got an actual script, but they would text us what to say, so that to people around us, it would just look like we were looking at our phones, and then we’d talk about whatever.”  Cavallari, who returned to her reality TV roots with her hit E! show “Very Cavallari,” announced the series would end following her split from husband Jay Cutler. The couple, who share three kids, parted ways after 10 years together.  View this post on Instagram 💙 ITALIA 💙 @Verycavallari tonight A post shared by Kristin Cavallari (@kristincavallari) on Mar 12, 2020 at 1:00pm PDT “We tried really, really hard for years and years. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever made,” the reality star told People last month. Though fans would refer to Cutler and Cavallari as “couple goals,” there were a lot of things that producers saw behind the scenes but didn’t include on E! show to protect their kids.  “A year ago I felt like I was drowning,” Cavallari said, adding that she’s now “really excited about the future all around.” 

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