Legendary Notre Dame Coach Muffet McGraw Serves As Poll Worker

When the nation needed her on Tuesday, this coach didn’t take a timeout. Notre Dame basketball icon Muffet McGraw, who led the Fighting Irish women’s basketball team to two national championships and 848 victories over 33 seasons, served as a poll worker on Election Day. Sports Illustrated’s Jessica Smetana retweeted a photo of the coach in action at a polling place in South Bend, 印第安纳州. Muffet McGraw appears to be working at the polls in South Bend today. Pls note the green nail polish (that’s a NDWBB tradition during the NCAA tourney) https://t.co/QMnlA9AA1J— Jessica Smetana (@jessica_smetana) 十一月 3, 2020 “Working the polls today and we are busy here ― wait time about an hour ― thank you for your patience as you stand in line,” McGraw wrote in her own tweet on Tuesday. Working the polls today and we are busy herewait time about an hourthank you for your patience as you stand in lineI esp love seeing first time voters like this guy 👇🏼 pic.twitter.com/zne37qmKfz— Muffet McGraw (@MuffetMcGraw) 十一月 3, 2020 McGraw’s civic-mindedness shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Hall of Fame coach, who retired in April 2020, was hailed last year by former President Barack Obama as “a voice everybody should hear” after McGraw famously called out sexism at the Final Four. A voice everybody should hear. https://t.co/0u7HUlQ8id— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) 四月 5, 2019