Leslie Jones Hilariously Compares Donald Trump To Top 40 Radio

“Comedian Leslie Jones said Wednesday that President Donald Trump is like a Top 40-playing radio station. (Watch the clip below.) Jones watched Trump baselessly claim that the rightful counting of legal mail-in votes in battleground states was illegal. “This is a fraud on the American public,” the president said on election night. Trump made similar allegations even before Election Day, laying the groundwork for repudiating vote tallies in case he lost to Democratic nominee Joe Biden. With the outcome still uncertain on Thursday, Trump’s lawyers filed a blizzard of lawsuits. The “Saturday Night Live” alum called Trump’s antics “Entertainment 101.” “It’s like when they want a hit on the radio and they play the hit like two times an hour,” Jones told “Late Night” host Seth Meyers. “And you keep hearing it. You know you don’t like that song. You know you don’t like the ‘Shape of You.’” She continued: “But it plays three times. So now I like the ‘Shape of You.’ … So that’s what Trump does. Like, ‘Oh yeah, it’s a fraud, it’s a fraud, it’s a fraud.’ So you put that in your head of people who are not taking time to think about the democracy of this country. Yeah. He’s doing Entertainment 101. That’s all Trump is doing.”

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