Lincoln Project Hits ‘Sniveling Weak Crybaby’ Lindsey Graham In Brutal New Ad

The Lincoln Project is once again taking on Sen. 林赛格雷厄姆 (R-S.C.), one of its favorite targets, this time taunting him for begging for cash to help keep his job. 格雷厄姆, who is locked in a tough race against Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison, has appealed for money on several occasions on Fox News and did so again on Monday after the Senate confirmed Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett. “Help me,” Graham beseeched on the right-wing network. “Help all of us keep our seats.” He then plugged his website, which hits every visitor with a money pitch. The new ad by the never-Trump group called him out for it. “Lindsey’s always been weak,” the Lincoln Project voiceover states. “But these days he’s just an embarrassment. Pathetic.” The spot includes a montage of Graham appealing for campaign cash or as the ad puts it, a “sniveling weak crybaby bereft of dignity begging to keep his job.” Lincoln Project cofounder Steve Schmidt, who ran the late Sen. John McCain’s 2008 总统竞选, said on Twitter the ad was airing in South Carolina. The organization is also running a new spot on Maine airwaves attacking Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine):