MAGA 'Trump Trains' Jam Roadways In Several States

Make America Great Again “Trump trains” jammed traffic on highways Sunday in New Jersey, 宾夕法尼亚州, 肯塔基州, 德州, Indiana and Virginia in an effort to support President Donald Trump. Trump supporters, several in pickup trucks and vans, shut down lanes on the busy Garden State Parkway near Lakeland, 新泽西州, and clogged the nearby Marion Cuomo Bridge in New York. NJ: Trump vehicle convoy shuts down the Garden State Parkway. @realDonaldTrump— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) 十一月 1, 2020 Garden State Parkway in Democratic New Jersey at a standstill in support of President Trump. @TeamTrump @EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @POTUS— The Lakewood Scoop (@LakewoodScoop) 十一月 1, 2020 In Louisville, 肯塔基州, protesters on foot turned the tables on a Trump train and temporarily blocked the vehicles in a high school parking lot before the caravan headed to a rally in support of the president. As protesters continued to try to contain the vehicles, one man from the caravan began to direct traffic with his gun, The Courier-Journal reported. Some protesters also carried firearms. Officials said the drivers hadn’t obtained the permits they were required to have for the event. A member of the local Board of Education complained in a tweet that a rally beginning at a public high school to “honor such an evil man is beyond the pale.” He called for a police investigation into the illegal possession of assault rifles on school grounds. If you feel the need to bring an assault rifle to a public school to demonstrate your support for a politician, there’s something seriously wrong with both you and the politician.— James Craig (@JamesDeVille) 十一月 1, 2020 Agree. Great conversation with @JamesDeVille. I have already asked LMPD to investigate and properly hold accountable anyone who had guns on their person on school property. That is illegal and in current times, we should not tolerate guns on school property.— Councilman Anthony Piagentini (@CMPiagentini) 十一月 2, 2020 An Indianapolis police official said he was “not pleased” about a Trump train that repeatedly drove an I-465 loop in support of Trump, the Indy Star reported. “Anything that impacts traffic puts people at risk, anything at all. It doesn’t take much,” Indiana State Police Sgt. Dennis Scudder told the newspaper. The latest events followed a dangerous Trump train confrontation with Biden’s campaign bus caravan in Texas on Friday. Scores of trucks bristling with Make America Great Again signs and flags swarmed the caravan on a busy Texas highway. One of the Trump train vehicles was videotaped colliding with a car in the caravan to force it out of its lane: Trump praised the action on Twitter and later at a rally Saturday, calling it a “hot thing” and boasting that the ambush was trending on Twitter. He described the drivers as “patriots” in a tweet on Sunday. The FBI is investigating the incident. The Biden campaign canceled events after the confrontation, citing safety fears.