Morgan Freeman Spells Out Exactly What’s At Stake This Election

Actor Morgan Freeman explains exactly what’s on the line in the 2020 election in a new ad for the NAACP. Freeman warns — as the narrator of the spot that Rachel Maddow premiered on her MSNBC show Friday — that “our lives quite literally depend” on voting. “It wasn’t long ago that people were beaten and even killed to obtain the sacred power each of you have today, the power to vote,” he says. “And right now your vote is more critical than ever.” “This election is about you and me, your family and my family, our planet, and our democracy in its entirety,” Freeman continues. “With our votes, we, the people, can begin to overwhelm the unjust political and economic systems that favor profits over people and elect leaders who will take us forward.” “Brothers and sisters, go vote,” Freeman concludes the clip. “Our lives quite literally depend on it.” Maddow hailed the spot. “It’s really good," 그녀가 말했다. “This is a stressful time, I know, but it is an inspiring time too, which is why this is exactly what I needed to see tonight.” Check out the video here: Thank you @maddow, the @NAACP is dedicated to encouraging, uplifting and supporting the black community as we display our #PowerAtThePolls. #BlacktheVote #VoteOurLivesDependOnIt— Derrick Johnson (@DerrickNAACP) 십월 31, 2020

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