Naomi Biden Teases 'Pop' Joe After He Says He's Limiting Thanksgiving Guests

Naomi Biden’s got her eye on her granddad after his latest comments about this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations. President-elect Joe Biden said in a news conference Monday that he and his wife, Jill, had narrowed down which family members could attend their holiday gathering this year in line with public health guidance about celebrating safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. His granddaughter caught wind after a reporter tweeted the Democrat’s comments: Ok I see you, pop!!— Naomi Biden (@NaomiBiden) 十一月 16, 2020 Biden passed on advice from public health experts that gatherings on the Nov. 26 holiday be limited to five people, with an absolute maximum of 10 人们, who should socially distance and wear masks. He said family members who come to visit will have been tested within 24 hours of their event. “I would strongly urge, not just for your sake but for the sake of your children, your mother, your father, your sister, your brothers…. Think about this. There should be no group more than 10 人们,“ 他说. Naomi, the daughter of Hunter and Kathleen Biden, is the eldest of Biden’s grandchildren. She made several appearances during her grandfather’s presidential campaign, including at the Democratic National Convention with her sisters Maisy and Finnegan and cousin Natalie. The four said they’re extremely close with their grandfather, who calls them almost every day. View this post on Instagram A post shared by NKB (@naomibiden) Apparently, the grandkids were the ones who broke the news to the presidential candidate that he’d won the race. Joe and Jill Biden were sitting on their back patio at home when their grandchildren rushed out to tell him, “Pop, Pop! We won!” according to NBC News. Naomi Biden shared a photo of the family embracing over their win. 11.07.20— Naomi Biden (@NaomiBiden) 十一月 7, 2020 每个人都应该得到有关COVID-19的准确信息. 通过今天成为HuffPost会员,支持无付费壁垒的新闻业-并使每个人都免费. HuffPost 冠状病毒指南 这是关于 COVID 抗体的最新科学. 冠状病毒与流感的传播方式有何不同? CDC 对 COVID-19“密切接触者”的新定义对您意味着什么? 假期见祖父母安全吗? 治疗师预测今年将如何塑造我们的心理健康.