New Borat Video Mocks Rudy Giuliani With A 'Defense' That’s Definitely Not Gonna Help

“루디 줄리아니, the former New York mayor-turned-hatchet man for President Donald Trump, has an unlikely defender after the inauspicious debut of this week’s bizarre hotel room footage. Actor Sacha Baron Cohen released a new video on Thursday night where he, in character as Borat, explains Giuliani’s actions in the new film, “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,” which was just released on Amazon. And he’s not exactly doing Giuliani any favors: OFFICIAL STATEMENT FROM BORAT SAGDIYEV— Borat (@BoratSagdiyev) 십월 23, 2020 The footage from the film’s hidden-camera prank shows Giuliani in bed, fully dressed, but reaching into his pants in front of actor Maria Bakalova, who he believed was a reporter. Borat crashes the scene to warn Giuliani that the woman is his 15-year-old daughter (Bakalova is 24). Giuliani insists he merely leaned back on the bed to tuck in his shirt after Bakalova helped to remove audio equipment. Here’s the Rudy Giuliani Borat scene so everyone can make up their minds— Dan Milano (@DanMilanoHere) 십월 23, 2020

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