New York Post Uses Paris Picture For UK Story And Brits Have The Best Comebacks

The New York Post received a ribbing on Friday after it used a photograph of Paris in France to promote a story that was mainly about the temporary relaxation of coronavirus rules over the holidays in the United Kingdom. An image of the Arc de Triomphe in the French capital appeared in this tweet from the conservative tabloid to promote its article titled “UK plans ‘Christmas bubbles’ for families to celebrate amid COVID-19.” UK plans ‘Christmas bubblesfor families to celebrate amid COVID-19— New York Post (@nypost) 십일월 27, 2020 The Paris landmark is some 214 miles away from the English capital of London and across the English Channel sea that separates the two countries. The story did contain a reference to French President Emmanuel Macron towards the end, however, which some social media users suggested could have played a part in the erroneous picture choice. The tweet remains live after more than 24 hours online. Twitter users in the U.K. seized on the gaffe and mockingly responded with their own versions of the post: I can’t wait for when St Paul’s Cathedral opens its doors— Hamza (Macrobian Nomad) al-Aqeely (@3arabyAswad) 십일월 27, 2020 Can’t wait for my Christmas walk around Hyde Park!— Dave (@RedDaveLDN) 십일월 27, 2020 And what London Christmas day is complete without a stroll up the snow covered peaks of Primrose Hill— Lenny Bruce (@gpdlondon) 십일월 27, 2020 I hope it snows again at Christmas! Am looking forward to taking the huskies around the M25.— Jayne (@jayneferst) 십일월 27, 2020 We hear @ThePieceHall looks great at Christmas— Welcome to Yorkshire (@Welcome2Yorks) 십일월 27, 2020 Stockport pyramids will be open for tourists !— Stop in Stockport (@stopinstockport) 십일월 27, 2020 Cannot wait to see the canals of Birmingham again— Greg Evans (@gregzeene) 십일월 27, 2020 If you’re going to use a picture of Paris by mistake, you might at least have chosen its best known landmark.— Thomas Morris (@thomasngmorris) 십일월 27, 2020 I hear the Queen is hoping she’ll be able to invite the little princes and princesses to spend Christmas at Sandringham as usual— Peter Eckersley (@peckersley) 십일월 27, 2020 Interesting to see why Marble Arch is trending. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here having a coffee at Brighton Pavilion— Tony Crawford (@UrbanGriller) 십일월 27, 2020 Of course to get to Marble Arch from south London, you cross Tower Bridge— Lord Emperor GB (@LEmperorgb) 십일월 27, 2020

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