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GOP Enabling Trump As His Legal Challenges Are Becoming Limited

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["华盛顿 (美联社) — Republicans in Congress are engaged in a risky but calculated bet that once President Donald Trump has exhausted his legal challenges to the election, he will come to grips with his loss to Preside...

If You Left A Monolith In A Remote Utah Canyon, Authorities Would Like A Word

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["It definitely wasn’t planted in a remote Utah canyon by aliens. Probably. 毕竟, this is 2020 we’re talking about. While on a mission to count bighorn sheep last Wednesday, Wildlife Resources officers aboard a ...

Millions Could Lose Health Care At The Supreme Court. Meet 6 Of Them.

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["The Affordable Care Act returns to the Supreme Court on Tuesday for the third time as Republicans continue their efforts to get the judiciary to do what the party has failed to do politically: Kill Obamacare. And fo...

联邦调查局就贿赂指控调查德克萨斯州总检察长: 报告

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["达拉斯 (美联社) — 联邦调查局正在调查德州总检察长肯·帕克斯顿 (Ken Paxton) 违法利用其办公室为富有的捐赠者谋利的指控, 据两名了解调查情况的人士透露. 联邦农业部.

Trump Mocks Joe Biden: If Elected, ‘He’ll Listen To The Scientists

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["President Donald Trump sought to insult former Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday by saying that his Democratic opponent would listen to scientists if elected president. Amid a global pandemic that’s claimed more th...

Military Spouse Decries Trump’s False ‘Criminal Voter FraudAllegation

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["The wife of a U.S. Air Force major lashed out after she and her husband were falsely accused of “criminal voting fraud” in Nevada by Donald Trump’s campaign. “We knew our votes were legal and we had done nothing wr...

CNN Has Advice For Kirstie Alley After She Slams The Network’s COVID-19 Coverage

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["In an exchange that can best be described as “peak 2020,” CNN fired back at Kirstie Alley on Friday, after the actor criticized the network’s COVID-19 coverage. The spat began when Alley, who is known for her conse...

11 Amazing Photos You Missed This Week

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["Amid the ever-changing news cycle, it’s easy to miss great images that fly under the radar. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. We’re highlighting exceptional photos from around the world for the week just ended. Ch...

在 2020, Self-Care Is Becoming A More Radical Act

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[]["Amid a global pandemic, climate change, racial unrest and a 24/7 news cycle, self-care is no longer a luxury — it’s a necessity. Collective stress and anxiety have surged in 2020. Almost 50% percent of Americans b...

‘TerrifiedJon Stewart Sums Up How Many Americans Feel Right Now

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["Jon Stewart somewhat summed up the mood of many Americans on Friday when he declared to Stephen Colbert: “I’m terrified. I’m anxious, I’m lonely, I’m wishing it was 2010 again.” “An election and a pandemic? How much...

CDC Head Says 180,000 More Americans Could Die From COVID-19 By February

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["博士. Robert Redfield, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, issued a stark warning to Americans about how hard the coming months could be due to the increasing spread of the coronavirus. “We are at...

泰勒·斯威夫特 (Taylor Swift) 的粉丝们可能会在“爱情故事”中向踏板车布劳恩 (Scooter Braun) 致敬’ 视频

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["泰勒斯威夫特自己说的: “没有什么比复仇更好的了。”她的粉丝似乎同意. 这位“开衫”歌手似乎在一个以他为特色的广告中对唱片执行官 Scooter Braun 进行了野蛮烧伤。.

A Horror Movie For Every Halloween Mood

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["Horror movies should be a year-round affair, but maybe you’re looking for a spine-tingling good time now that Halloween is upon us. I’ve compiled a handful of recommendations, divided up according to 10 different in...

New Rule To Allow Use Of Firing Squads, Electrocution For Federal Executions

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["A new rule published by the Justice Department on Friday will allow the use of different methods permitted by states, including firing squads and electrocution, for federal executions. It’s unclear whether the rule ...

Man Named Adolf Hitler Wins Election in Namibia, Promises He’s An OK Guy

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["A man named Adolf Hitler has won an election in the southwest African country Namibia, and he’s been kind enough to let everyone know that he has no plans to take over the world. Adolf Hitler Uunona of Namibia’s So...

特朗普政府在新的 COVID-19 提议中降低失业救济金

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["白宫的最新刺激提议是一次性的 $600 大多数美国人的付款和失业者的一块煤. 财政部长史蒂夫·姆努钦 (Steve Mnuchin) 提出的新提案交换了 $3...