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Trump Was Impeached. But It’s Not Even A Blip In The Presidential Campaign.

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["Julio Cortez/Associated Press The issue of Donald Trump's impeachment has barely come up in the approach to Election Day. On Dec. 19, the House impeached Donald Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. ...

琥珀色鲁芬(Amber Ruffin)脱轨’ 关于说唱歌手支持特朗普

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["警告: 这个故事不适合铁轨迷. 在周一的“深夜”,主持人塞思·迈耶斯(Seth Meyers)问安伯·鲁芬(Amber Ruffin),她是否有话要说,最近著名的说唱歌手为唐纳德·T·唐纳德总统提供了支持。.

Republicans Confirm Another One Of Trump’s Unqualified Court Picks

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["On a day when the United States surpassed a quarter of a million people dead from COVID-19, Senate Republicans were busy taking action on something else: confirming another one of President Donald Trump’s judicial n...

Ex-Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Mocked For Typo-Laden Lawsuits

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["Tom Williams via Getty Images Sidney Powell, a former attorney for President Donald Trump's campaign, 十一月. 19. Sidney Powell — a former lawyer for President Donald Trump’s campaign — filed typo-laden lawsuits all...

‘SquadMembers Reject Marco Rubio After He Calls For Republicans To Rebrand

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["它的. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is proposing a rebrand of the Republican Party that better connects with “multiethnic, multiracial, working class” voters. The senator’s comments, made in an interview with Axios, prompted ...

Trump Takes Credit For Stock Market High, Gets Dragged Down On Twitter

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["唐纳德特朗普总统, who repeatedly warned that the stock market would plummet if he lost the election, took credit on Tuesday as the Dow Jones Industrial Average surpassed the 30,000 mark for the first time. Sto...


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["2020 共和党全国代表大会, 讲义/路透社麦迪逊·考索恩在 8 月在华盛顿举行的基本上虚拟的共和党全国代表大会上发表讲话. 26, 2020. 麦迪逊考索恩, 一个 25 岁的特鲁姆...

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Worst Things To Do While Dining Out During COVID-19, According To Servers

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[]["Dealing with inconsiderate and rude customers is par for the course in the restaurant industry. But given the elevated risk for COVID-19 to be transmitted at restaurants, poorly behaved guests have never been more...

German Restaurant Protests Pandemic Lockdowns With Stuffed Pandas

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["FRANKFURT, 十一月 25 (路透社) - The owner of a Frankfurt restaurant is staging a protest against the coronavirus lockdown in Germany by filling his tables with a hundred stuffed toy pandas, in a play on the word “pand...

联邦调查局: Far-Right Extremist Posed As BLM Protester, Shot Minneapolis Police Precinct

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["A member of the far-right anti-government Boogaloo Bois has been charged with opening fire on a Minneapolis police precinct while pretending to be a Black Lives Matter protester, according to the federal complaint a...

Donald Trump Causes A Fuss Over Upcoming ‘60 Minutes’ Interview

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["President Donald Trump caused a fuss on Tuesday about his upcoming interview on “60 Minutes,” reportedly leaving the set early and then complaining about it online. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence spent the day ...

'怪物猎人’ 电影在“膝盖”后从中国电影院撤出’ 笑话落空

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["“怪物猎人,” 索尼影业的大预算电影基于 Capcom 长期运行的视频游戏专营权, 由于中国观众认为令人反感的场景而被撤出中国影院. 电影, 导演是 ...

Trying To Marry My Incarcerated Partner During COVID-19 Was A Nightmare, But Love Prevailed

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["Courtesy of Chelsea Moore The author and her husband in the prison visit room before visits closed indefinitely due to COVID-19. In January of this year, I printed out Department of Corrections (DOC) Form 20-213: Ma...

New Borat Video Mocks Rudy Giuliani With A ‘DefenseThat’s Definitely Not Gonna Help

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["Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor-turned-hatchet man for President Donald Trump, has an unlikely defender after the inauspicious debut of this week’s bizarre hotel room footage. Actor Sacha Baron Cohen releas...

Trevor Noah Finds Perfect Match For Biden-Mocking Televangelist Kenneth Copeland

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["Trevor Noah may have gotten the last laugh on a Donald Trump-loving televangelist whose laughing meltdown over Joe Biden’s victory went viral recently. (请看下面的视频。) Kenneth Copeland’s exaggerated guffawing...