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'突破点': 纳瓦霍医院警告床位, 护士和氧气供应短缺

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["纳瓦霍民族领导人和医疗专业人士周四警告说,该保留区正面临病床短缺, 随着 COVID-19 病例继续在该地区和全国范围内激增,护士和氧气供应不足。.

‘Chill, Donald’: Greta Thunberg Turns Trump’s Condescending Tweet Against Him

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["Teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg took a moment on Thursday to scold Donald Trump with the same patronizing words that the president had thrown at her in 2019. Her recommendation that Trump “chill,” “wor...

‘Concrete CowboyFilm Starring Idris Elba To Hit Netflix Next Year

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["Netflix has acquired the rights to “Concrete Cowboy,” a movie about Philadelphia’s Black cowboy subculture starring Idris Elba and “Stranger Things” star Caleb McLaughlin, who play father and son. The movie is insp...

‘Congratulations My Love’: Rosario Dawson Celebrates Cory Booker’s Reelection

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["Rosario Dawson says she’s so proud of her boyfriend Cory Booker for winning his Senate reelection race in New Jersey. The “Briarpatch” star and activist congratulated the Democratic senator in an Instagram post on W...

‘Count Every VoteProtesters March In Philadelphia As Trump Falsely Claims Victory

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["Spencer Platt via Getty Images People participate in a protest in support of counting all votes as the election in Pennsylvania is still unresolved on Nov. 4, 2020, in Philadelphia. PHILADELPHIA — Hundreds of peopl...

‘CyclopsShark Caught With 1 Giant Eye Looks Too Weird To Be Real

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["Fishermen discovered a rare “Cyclops” albino shark with only one giant eye in a recent catch off Maluku province in Indonesia, the Sun reported earlier this month. They were cutting open an adult shark that died in ...

'每日秀’ 想象一下与福克斯新闻“家庭”的感恩节视频通话’

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["Desi Lydic 在福克斯新闻中打电话给她喜欢唐纳德特朗普总统的“家庭”成员进行恶搞的感恩节视频聊天. 在周四发布的剪辑中, 《特雷弗·诺亚每日秀》记者赶上“阿姨...

'每日秀’ Looks Back At Trump’s ‘Cozy Relationship’ With White Supremacists

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["President Donald Trump’s refusal to condemn white supremacists before and throughout his presidency is examined in a video released by “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” on Friday. The segment, which garnered more th...

‘Daily Show’ Spoofs What Binging Fox News’ Election Coverage Does To Your Brain

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["Desi Lydic is binging on Fox News’ election coverage so others don’t have to. “The Daily Show” correspondent pretended to have watched the conservative network for multiple hours in a row in a new spoof released Thu...

‘Dashing In DecemberTrailer Features Andie MacDowell And Gay Cowboys In Love

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["Count Andie MacDowell among those who are helping to make 2020’s yuletide gayer than ever before. The “Four Weddings and a Funeral” star will hit the small screen next month in Paramount Network’s “Dashing in Decem...

‘Dolly Parton’s Christmas On The SquareIs, 好, A Very Quirky Holiday Musical

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["插图: Ivylise Simones/HuffPost; 相片; Getty Images, Netflix Every moment is Dolly Parton’s moment, but it’s never been more true than this week. She’s not only funding the development of a new COVID-19 vac...

‘Dueling DinosaursFossils Donated To North Carolina Museum

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["RALEIGH, N.C. (美联社) — The fossil skeletons of two dinosaurs intertwined in what looks like a final death match have been donated to a North Carolina museum. The nonprofit organization Friends of the North Carolina Mu...

‘Elderly Man ContestWon’t Shake Up Rich And Poor, John Mulaney Grumbles on ‘SNL

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["Former “Saturday Night Live” writer (and fourth time host) John Mulaney grumbled in his monologue about the upcoming “elderly man contest.” No matter who wins, it’s not going to be revolutionary, he complained. “Th...

‘Fantastic BeastsSet To Recast Johnny Depp With This Actor, And We’re Not ‘MadsAbout It

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["No transfiguration required: Warner Bros. is already close to recasting Johnny Depp’s role in the “Fantastic Beasts” franchise. Days after Depp was booted from the “Harry Potter” prequel film series following his f...

‘Fox & FriendsSays Trump Should Leave Twitter And Take His Followers

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["“Fox & Friends,” President Donald Trump’s favorite TV show, gave him some bold advice on Thursday: Get off Twitter. As the social media company has begun slapping warning labels on tweets containing falsehoods or in...

'实习医生格蕾’ 和凯瑟琳·海格尔 (Katherine Heigl) 因废弃的告别剧集再次发生争执

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["迈克尔·德斯蒙德通过盖蒂图片社凯瑟琳·海格尔退出 \"Grey's Anatomy\" 六个赛季, 猜测她与系列创作者Shonda Rhimes发生冲突. 即使在我们最狂野的地方 (麦克)梦想, 没有人预料到帕...