Pennsylvania AG's Son Hilariously Photobombs Dad's Live TV Interview

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro was explaining Donald Trump’s failure to interfere with ballots during a live TV interview at his home Friday when his son accidentally wandered into camera range with his eyes glued to his cell phone. When the boy realized he had slipped into a television interview, Shapiro’s son froze with a look of shock, then he v-e-r-y carefully backed out the door he had entered. It was exactly the comic relief needed by nervous voters everywhere. It was also the latest of a series of kids hilariously interrupting a parent’s moment on TV. “I’m taking his phone away for 24 hours,” Shapiro deadpanned on Twitter following the goof up. I’m taking his phone away for 24 hours. 😂— Josh Shapiro (@JoshShapiroPA) 십일월 7, 2020 Other eagle-eyed viewers also appreciated the toy U.S. Postal Service truck and a tiny Count van Count figure just behind Shapiro’s head on his bookcase. Love that the Pennsylvania AG has a toy USPS truck and Count von Count on his bookcase 💕🤣 @NicolleDWallace @JoshShapiroPA— justmeagain (@ibcitygirl) 십일월 7, 2020 But it was Shapiro’s son who won viewers’ hearts. They appreciated the change of pace in these nerve-wracking times — along with the quirky, reassuring peek at another family, thanks to COVID-19 stay-at-home interviews. 아니요! give him a raise in his allowance! he finally provided something new in this election coverage.— dale undetected+ (@daleundetected) 십일월 7, 2020 Shocked 😳👏🤣😂 We loved it, it replayed in our house!! Such a nice \normal\for the crazy we are living right now. Thank him for us. ♥️— Teena Corr (@teena_corr) 십일월 7, 2020 this teen wins election night 4.0— Justin Sink (@justinsink) 십일월 7, 2020 Thank him for us. He handled it perfectly.— Chidi®️ (@ChidiNwatu) 십일월 7, 2020 😁 I love it when real life enters. It’s refreshing.— Louise (@clwtweet) 십일월 7, 2020 It’s a blessing that one thing about this shitty pandemic is that we get to see various experts in their home environments with their families and they all seem so gloriously normal.— Juliethe RealJules (@JTRJules) 십일월 7, 2020 I love how people always back out of the room when that happens, as if they are somehow rewinding and erasing the incident.— TigerLily (@ZoomDi) 십일월 7, 2020

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