Mense koop nie Mike Pence se jongste opmerkings oor COVID-19-slagoffers nie

“Visepresident Mike Pence het Donderdag beweer "nie 'n dag het verbygegaan dat ek nie persoonlik gedink het aan gesinne wat geliefdes verloor het nie" aan COVID-19. En kritici het dit nie gekoop nie. “I want to assure each of you that you will always be in our hearts and you will remain in our prayers,” Pence, who leads the White House coronavirus task force, told reporters during a briefing of said group. The Republican National Committee shared a clip of Pence’s comments online: “Not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought personally about families that have lost loved ones.” -@Mike_Pence— GOP (@GOP) November 19, 2020 Critics were incensed. They recalled President Donald Trump’s catastrophic mishandling of the pandemic that has been characterized by his administration’s propensity to allow the virus to run rampage nationwide while sending mixed messages on measures aimed at curbing its spread. Sover, the contagion has killed more than 250,000 Americans and is predicted to cause hundreds of thousands of more deaths by the end of the year. “Pants on fire,” one person hit back at Pence on Twitter. Added another: “Damn shame Pence hasn’t done one iota about the pandemic…” More thoughts & prayers! Gedagtes & prayers haven’t solved a single social problem, and Americans continue to die.— David WrightDon’t be vapid! VOTE! (@dwright100) November 19, 2020 Given that his strategy appears to be to let the virus wash over the country in the hopes that it’ll kill more of his enemies than his friends, I think this could be taken at least two ways.— John Panzer (@jpanzer) November 19, 2020 Pants on fire.— PlanetNavaho (@ohplanetnavaho) November 19, 2020 Mike Pence has gotten nothing right in 4 jare, and more importantly, has failed America as the Covid task force leader.— Chris (a loser and sucker) (@AHappyHourHero) November 19, 2020 For 1.3 seconds, while he was scrolling past the headlines.— Jenny (@thtredhairdgirl) November 19, 2020 Under the circumstances this quote is entirely moot.— Black Francis (@MrBlackFrancis) November 19, 2020 Damn shame Pence hasn’t done one iota about the pandemic— Alex Nelson 📎 (@anelson_os) November 20, 2020 The Fly thinks about families more than you do.— CovidFreeInNYC (@CovidFreeInNYC) November 19, 2020

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