Mense dink Jim Jordan se vreemde twiet oor Fauci en Kersfees is 'n bedrog. Dit is nie.

“Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) Anthony Fauci aangeval het, die land se voorste kenner van aansteeklike siektes, Vrydag op Twitter met 'n plasing wat baie kritici spottend voorgestel het, kan 'n parodie wees. Jordan latched on to Fauci’s warning that Americans should “avoid travel” over the holidays in a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus that’s raging across the country to ask: “What will he cancel next? Saying Merry Christmas?” Dr. Fauci says Americans should “avoid travel” over the holidays. What will he cancel next?Saying Merry Christmas?— Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) Desember 4, 2020 Jordan’s salvo in the so-called “war on Christmas” stunned many. Critics reminded Jordan how COVID-19 has now killed more than 273,000 Americans with daily case counts, hospitalizations and death toll all rising. Public health experts fear another dire surge in the figures after data suggested travel was not really avoided nationwide over Thanksgiving. “It’s like a right-wing mad libs,” one Twitter user said of Jordan’s post. The Republicans have achieved some sort of singularity where a parody Republican account and an actual Republican account have become indistinguishable.— Elie Mystal (@ElieNYC) Desember 5, 2020 My dentist says to floss, what’s next, me not being allowed to eat food?— Brendel (@Brendelbored) Desember 5, 2020 Why would avoiding travel mean canceling Christmas & not celebrating? A serious question. You can celebrate no matter what.If a blizzard had you homebound on Christmas Day, you’d make do, & enjoy the day. Wel, we’re in a viral blizzard.This is why you are laughed at by many.— Michelangelo Signorile (@MSignorile) Desember 5, 2020 Fucking hell.A vaccine is literally *days* away from being approved; one’s already been approved in the UK! Just fucking put off your travel for a few months. Is that so fucking hard?Apparently, it isbecause people like you are selfish self-centered assholes.— Pé (@4everNeverTrump) Desember 5, 2020 It’s hard to imagine there’s a congressman stupider than Louie Gohmert and Matt Gaetz put together, but here we are.— Benjamin Dreyer (@BCDreyer) Desember 5, 2020 I cant believe you’re an elected official.— David Weissman (@davidmweissman) Desember 4, 2020— Fitz 🏳️‍🌈 (@cmfitz12) Desember 4, 2020 Don’t worry Jim.If you and your GOP friends have your way…… there will be significantly less people to say Merry Christmas to because they’ll either be on ventilators or be dead.— Steve Marmel (@Marmel) Desember 5, 2020 Oor 8,400 Americans died from COVID over the last three days and this clown is still doing the War on Christmas bullshit— Don Moynihan (@donmoyn) Desember 5, 2020 The Idiocracy won’t disappear when Trump leaves office.— David Knowles (@writerknowles) Desember 5, 2020 it’s like a right-wing mad libs— John DeVore (@JohnDeVore) Desember 5, 2020 It’s completely wild to me that this guy is an elected official.— Sara Amato (@saamato) Desember 4, 2020 Only if you say it really loud, while coughing, directly into someone else’s face.— Jonah Blank (@JonahBlank) Desember 5, 2020 He’s not canceling anything. The leading infectious disease expert in our nation is recommending that folks not travel this holiday season because of the pandemic that’s killing as many people each day as the attack on Pearl Harbor. Honestly, Gym, keep up.— Aaron Mahnke (@amahnke) Desember 4, 2020 The \war on Christmas\is one of the strangest things that a segment of the population just seems to latch on to every year around this time. So weird how people try to ride something that doesn’t even remotely exist 🤷🏽‍♂️— Saad Yousuf (@SaadYousuf126) Desember 5, 2020 Yeah, cuz saying \Merry Christmas\can totally kill you, your grandmother or health care workers, not to mention cause us to run out of hospital space.— Randi Mayem Singer (@rmayemsinger) Desember 5, 2020 Here are hospitalizations in Ohio—before any coming surge from Thanksgiving— Carl Zimmer (@carlzimmer) Desember 5, 2020 During a pandemic, listen to doctors, not wrestling coaches.Sincerely,Your dad who wants you to live.— Wajahat \Wears a Mask Because of a Pandemic\Ali (@WajahatAli) Desember 5, 2020 This tweet will be in history books.— Helen Kennedy (@HelenKennedy) Desember 5, 2020

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