Philadelphia Police Investigating Alleged Plot To Attack Vote Counting

“Philadelphia police arrested two men armed with guns Thursday night after receiving a tip reporting a plot to attack the Pennsylvania Convention Center, where city workers are counting mail-in ballots from the presidential election. The men, whose names weren’t released, were charged with firearms offenses, police said. They were arrested after police were tipped that armed men driving a silver Hummer SUV were heading to the convention center. Officers spotted an unoccupied silver Hummer outside the convention center at 10:20 p.m., 6 ABC reported, and seized the two armed men nearby. The men acknowledged the Hummer, which reportedly had Virginia license plates, was theirs, police said. Officers said they found a third gun inside the vehicle. Neither of the men had a Pennsylvania gun permit, police alleged. The FBI reportedly joined Philadelphia police in the investigation. The Hummer, which remained parked at the scene, displayed QAnon stickers in photos taken by Philadelphia Inquirer photographer Jessica Griffin. QAnon is an extremist conspiracy group that believes President Donald Trump is fighting an evil cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles. Trump has repeatedly made comments that have emboldened the conspiracy theorists. QAnon decals on back window of Hummer parked near Pa. Convention Center and under investigation after police got a tip that occupants were armed and targeting the Convention Center where vote-counting in presidential election is underway.— Robert Moran (@RobertMoran215) November 6, 2020 Inside the convention center, election workers continued working around the clock counting mail-in ballots, even as President Donald Trump’s protesting supporters demanded that the tally be stopped. The Trump campaign on Wednesday filed a lawsuit to stop the vote count in Pennsylvania, arguing ballots received up to three days after the election should not be counted. A federal judge dismissed the claim. Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Friday inched ahead of Trump in the Pennsylvania count. If he maintains the lead, he’ll win enough votes in the Electoral College to claim victory in the election. 

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