RNC Reportedly Dropped $300,000 To Buy Donald Trump Jr.'s Latest Book

The Republican National Committee paid $300,000 of donor money to a company owned by Donald Trump Jr. to buy copies of his latest book, the Daily Beast reported Friday. It was the second time the GOP dumped a treasure chest of money to scoop up one of Trump Jr.’s books. It also spent about $95,000 to buy his first book, “Triggered,” last year. Last month, Trump Jr.’s new, self-published book, “Liberal Privilege,” was number 6,002 on Amazon’s seller list — even with the GOP’s big boost. (On Friday, it was ranked 5,959th in sales). He offered a 25% discount on the book in November with the added perk of an autographed copy for the first 1,000 buyers. Don’t forget to get your copy of Liberal Privilege, find out everything the media is hiding from you. Black Friday sales starting now like getting your autographed copy for the price of the regular book. https://t.co/hDICwdgXwv pic.twitter.com/VqJfQapeVH— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) 십일월 14, 2020 The RNC purchased his books in October and used them as a Trump fundraising party favor, with an autographed edition given to anyone who donated $50 to $100 to the party, a source told the Beast. Books purchased by the RNC from well-known Republicans are often handed out as perks at fundraisers, but Trump Jr. raked in three times more this time around than the last time the GOP scooped up his first book, according to the Daily Beast. The RNC’s payment — $303,892.47 10월에. 28 — was paid to Pursuit Venture LLC. Corporate records in Delaware list Donald Trump Jr. as its principal, according to the Daily Beast. The GOP payment was listed as payment for “donor mementos.” The payment was the single largest payment ever listed by the party for “donor mementos,” the Beast reported. Pursuit Venture was also paid $11,000 in early October by the reelection campaign of President Trump supporter Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.). That payment was listed as being for “supporter gifts” on campaign filings. Last time around, Trump Jr. gushed that his first book was a runaway bestseller, initially neglecting to point out the significant boost from his dad’s political party. He was infuriated that his book title on The New York Times bestseller list was marked with a dagger symbol, indicating that a significant percentage of sales came from “institutional, special interest, group, or bulk purchases.” New FEC disclosures show a single large RNC payment of $94,800 to Books-a-Million in October, a few days before \Triggered\was released. An RNC spokesman confirmed that the expenditure was connected to their promotion of Don Trump Jr.’s book. pic.twitter.com/vsmmsgrYCp— Nick Confessore (@nickconfessore) 십일월 21, 2019

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