Rosario Dawson Cheekily Crashes Cory Booker's 'Kimmel' Interview

Rosario Dawson is in high spirits after her boyfriend Cory Booker was reelected to the Senate. The New Jersey senator appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday night after cruising to a second term in his race against Republican Rik Mehta. Kimmel asked Booker about the legalization of recreational cannabis use in New Jersey, which the Democrat advocated for. “Will you celebrate that?” Kimmel asked. That’s when Booker signaled he had a surprise guest. “I might,” Dawson said, joining her partner on camera. “I don’t know what she was more excited to do — vote for me, as a new New Jersey resident, or vote for marijuana,” Booker said. “I don’t know what’s more popular.” Dawson, an actor and co-founder of Voto Latino, an organization that advocates for Latinx voting rights and participation, said she was sad not to be able to vote in California, where she lived prior to moving to Newark with Booker this year. “There were such incredible and important propositions and measures to vote for which passed, which I am so grateful for," sy het gese. “But when I came here, I got to vote for my man and I got to vote for marijuana.” Dawson also congratulated Booker on his win in an Instagram post, celebrating him for continuing to lead with “love, brilliance, patience, grace and effectiveness.” Watch Booker discuss the election and more below.

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