Sarah Cooper Mocks Donald Trump Jr. In New Viral Impression Video

Sarah Cooper has turned her biting impressions on another member of the Trump family. The comedian’s Monday lip-syncing of Donald Trump Jr. alleging censorship on Instagram has gone as viral as her previous clips mimicking his father, 唐纳德特朗普总统, and garnered millions of views on social media. Check out Cooper’s “How to Don jr” video here: How to Don jr— Sarah Cooper (@sarahcpr) 十月 19, 2020 Cooper’s rise to fame in the early months of the coronavirus pandemic culminated with a virtual appearance in August at the Democratic National Convention: In a dark world, thank goodness for Sarah— Ted Corcoran (RedTRaccoon) (@RedTRaccoon) 八月 21, 2020 Trump Jr.’s video, 同时, also inspired this response from the comedian J-L Cauvin who in August was recruited by the anti-Trump Lincoln to spoof endorse Republicans on behalf of the president: UNEDITED DON JUNIOR VIDEO!(sub on YT in the thread below)— J-L Cauvin (@JLCauvin) 十月 19, 2020