'Saturday Night Live' Cast Faces Down The Horror Of Another Possible Trump Win

Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden and Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton turned up for a Halloween cold open on “Saturday Night Live” scared to death about Election Day. “It’s a spooky time filled with demons and darkness … also, it’s Halloween,” quipped Carrey’s Biden from a chair in a haunted mansion with creepy decorations from Melania Trump’s ugly Christmas display. For some Trump voters, “it’s the only time they’ll wear a mask,“ 他加了. People are “excited to vote, but very, very, very worried about the outcome,” “Biden admitted. “But don’t worry! They say I’m eight points ahead. Poll numbers like that can only go wrong once in a blue moon,” soothed Carrey as he happened to glance over his shoulder at ablue moon. As Carrey read a parody of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven,” McKinnon’s Clinton showed up like a ghost of Halloween past to warn him that Democrats lost before. But Carrey shook off the doom and gloom, declaring: “I’m going to win because I’m a baller; just ask my running mate Kamala,” mispronouncing her name to rhyme in his reading. Cue Maya Rudolph with some advice: “Our nation will endure. Use your voice and use your vote. Democracy will represent.” Said Carrey: “In this daylight savings time, let’s gain an hour and lose a president.” Check out the clip above.