Sean Hannity's Rant At 'Hypocritical Democrats' Reeks Of Hypocrisy

Sean Hannity on Wednesday accused Democrats of caring only about power. Never mind that Joe Biden won the presidency, earning electoral victories in swing states overseen by Republican election officials. Never mind that even Fox News has declared Biden the victor over President Donald Trump. Hannity has led the cable channel’s right-wing charge to press the president’s baseless case of widespread election fraud and stolen triumph for Democrats. On his show Wednesday, Hannity, a vehement Trump acolyte, griped about the “mob in the media” and “hypocritical Democrats” who are outraged at Trump’s refusal to recognize defeat while he flings unfounded accusations of mass vote rigging. “As we have witnessed over the past five years, they will do anything and everything to achieve their goals,” Hannity ranted from his prime time soapbox. “No conspiracy theory too grand, no riot too deadly, no witch hunt too insane. For the left, power is all that matters.”

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