Seth Meyers Asks Obvious Question About Trump's 'YMCA' Dance

When it comes to Donald Trump dancing to the Village People, Seth Meyers wants to know YMCA. 周一, the “Late Night” host took a look at Trump dancing to “YMCA” at an Ohio rally from over the weekend, pointing out that it’s “not the dance you’d expect.” Playing a clip of Trump’s moves in Circleville, Ohio, Meyers asked an obvious question: “Why aren’t you doing the letters?” Rather than doing the traditional “YMCA” dance, which involves forming the letters with your arms, the president chose to clap and bop around on the stage. “Trump’s the only person on Earth who’d make up his own dance to ‘YMCA.’ After this, they played ‘The Macarena,’ and Trump just did the Charleston,” Meyers joked. The president has repeatedly danced to “YMCA” at rallies, so perhaps it’d be good to review how the Village People actually do it because, as Meyers said, “Nothing ticks all of Trump’s boxes like a song about gay men partying together in low-income housing.” See it in the segment above at the 1:08 mark.