Seth Meyers Explains How Donald Trump's Election Denial Scams His Base For Cash

Seth Meyers on Thursday accused President Donald Trump of one “final grift” before he “finally concedes” defeat to President-elect Joe Biden. The “Late Night” host mentioned Team Trump’s fundraising efforts for his frivolous legal challenges to election results in some states. But Meyers mentioned a Reuters article that reviewed the legal language in the solicitations and found that donations under $8,000 won’t be going to Trump’s “Official Election Defense Fund” at all. Instead, the money will go to a Trump leadership PAC and the Republican National Committee. “Like everything Trump and the GOP do, this is also a scam,” Meyers said. “The money’s just going to them. When Trump finally concedes, he’ll probably do it in a Bugatti wearing diamond-encrusted Cartier sunglasses and the necklace from the Titanic.” Reverting to his Trump impression, Meyers had something to say about the “Deep State” — but you’ll have to watch for yourself above.

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