Seth Meyers Explains How Donald Trump's Election Denial Scams His Base For Cash

“세스 마이어스(Seth Meyers)는 목요일 도널드 트럼프 대통령이 조 바이든 대통령 당선인에게 패배를 “마침내” 인정하기 전에 한 번의 “마지막 기회”에 대해 비난했습니다.. The “Late Night” host mentioned Team Trump’s fundraising efforts for his frivolous legal challenges to election results in some states. But Meyers mentioned a Reuters article that reviewed the legal language in the solicitations and found that donations under $8,000 won’t be going to Trump’s “Official Election Defense Fund” at all. Instead, the money will go to a Trump leadership PAC and the Republican National Committee. “Like everything Trump and the GOP do, this is also a scam,"라고 마이어스는 말했다.. “The money’s just going to them. When Trump finally concedes, he’ll probably do it in a Bugatti wearing diamond-encrusted Cartier sunglasses and the necklace from the Titanic.” Reverting to his Trump impression, Meyers had something to say about the “Deep State” — but you’ll have to watch for yourself above.

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