Seth Meyers Says Trump Has Gone 'Full Hodor' Complaining About COVID-19

“Sig. President, this look isn’t too Hodorable. On Wednesday, “Late Night” host Seth Meyers called out President Donald Trump for constantly complaining in tweets and at recent rallies that the media just wants to talk about “COVID, COVID, COVID.” “Sounds like he’s looking at the White House staff photo,” Meyers joked, launching into an impression of Trump pointing to his staffers, “COVID, COVID, COVID, jail, COVID, COVID, fired, COVID, son-in-law, COVID.” Meyers pointed out that the president seems “jealous” of all the media coverage given to the coronavirus pandemic, and his constant repeating of “COVID” has the “Late Night” host thinking about a “Game of Thrones” comparison. “Trump is so mad, he’s gone full Hodor,” Meyers said, likening the president to the “Game of Thrones” character who would only say his own name. (Though in Hodor’s case, that was because of a weird, magical, time-traveling accident. In Trump’s case, not so much.) “He sounds like a character from the COVID expansion pack for ‘The Sims,’” Meyers added, again parroting Trump: “COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID.” Former President Barack Obama, who by the way is a Hodor fan, has also seemed to notice Trump complaining about COVID-19 coverage, leading to the return of “standup Obama,” Meyers said. See it all around the 4:20 mark in the video above. A burn is coming

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