Stephen Colbert Pinpoints What Makes Donald Trump So Bad At 'Criming'

“The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night blasted President Donald Trump’s vengeance firings in the wake of his election defeat. (Watch the monologue below.) But one ouster by the lame-duck president, in particular, caught the comedian’s eye. Earlier this week Trump axed Christopher Krebs, the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which deals with cybersecurity across all levels of government. Krebs and crew had declared there was no evidence voting systems were compromised and the 2020 election was the “most secure in American history,” undermining Trump’s whining that election fraud has denied him another four years in the White House. Colbert called Trump’s retaliation against Krebs “another example of closing the barn door after the cows voted for somebody else.” “Ya dummy,” he told the president. “You don’t fire the election security guy after we already had the secure election. How can you be this bad at criming?

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