Stephen Colbert Turns Donald Trump's Turkey Pardon Into Election Roast

““晚间秀”主持人斯蒂芬科尔伯特在周二做了唐纳德特朗普总统赦免火鸡的独白配菜. (观看下面的剪辑。) The comedian showed a clip of the president leading the annual White House Thanksgiving tradition. “That is a lucky bird,” Trump said. “Yes, it’s a lucky, lucky bird to have a better legal team than the president,” Colbert quipped. Although Trump said he was allowing his staff to begin “initial protocols” for the transition to President-elect Joe Biden, the loser of the 2020 election continues to sic his legal stooges on the system in a foolish bid to overturn the results. But it’s not working out. In the past few days, he cut ties with attorney Sidney Powell after her failed promise to “release the kraken” of evidence to support his baseless claims of election-rigging. He also reportedly worried that Rudy Giuliani and others on his legal team are making him look bad.