Steve Kornacki's 'Sunday Night Football' Debut Has Election Twitter Going Wild

“The Steve Kornacki crossover into “Sunday Night Football” is here, and surprise surprise, his fans love it. The NBC political correspondent, who found fast fame with his masterful coverage of the Nov. 3 presidential election, debuted on the network’s pregame and halftime shows Sunday for the Kansas City Chiefs’ win against the Denver Broncos. Kornacki broke down the odds for the 32 teams in the playoff race as expertly as he did the election, when he provided tireless, round-the-clock analysis of polling data as it rolled in for days following the vote. “I’ve been a fan of the game since I was kid and SNF has been must-see TV for me since it started back in ’06,” Kornacki said in a statement. “Truly a thrill to get this chance, especially as the season reaches its most exciting point. I spent the last year using the Big Board to map out all of the various roads to 270 Electoral College votes] and I can’t wait to put it to use breaking down all of the paths to the playoffs.” Kornacki and his khakis make their FNIA debut! @NBCNews’ @SteveKornacki is in the house to break down the NFL playoff picture.— Sunday Night Football (@SNFonNBC) December 7, 2020 Kornacki, his map and his go-to TV uniform ― khaki slacks, white shirt and striped tie ― has won him nicknames such as “chartthrob,” “Steve Korsnacki” and “map daddy,” and even landed him on People Magazine’s “Sexiest Men Alive” list for 2020. As he walked viewers through the various paths in the playoffs, his adoring fans (some of whom seemed to be watching the NFL for only one reason) went wild on Twitter: Watching Steve Kornacki do the Big Board with football stats instead of polling/politics like:— Olivia Morgan (@olivemor) December 7, 2020 Seeing Steve Kornacki trending post election— Your Annoying Little Token (@ShounenChild) December 7, 2020 Steve Kornacki is going to be on the halftime show? I most certainly will.— Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) December 7, 2020 Contender for this year’s best crossover: Steve Kornacki breaking down NFL playoff odds— Ben Williamson (@_WilliamsonBen) December 7, 2020 I do love that @SteveKornacki got to do this.— Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) December 7, 2020 Steve Kornacki explaining the NFC East— Danny Heifetz (@Danny_Heifetz) December 7, 2020 Highlight of my weekend easily was watching national treasure Steve Kornacki mapping out various paths to the playoffs— greggnog (@greggnog) December 7, 2020 Steve Kornacki back at the big board on @NBCSports tonight explaining football to those of us who have no clue what’s going on 😂— Grace Panetta (@grace_panetta) December 7, 2020 Steve Kornacki breaking down the playoff picture is everything I didn’t know I needed before Sunday Night Football.— Maggie Loney (@MaggieJLoney) December 7, 2020 I haven’t watched football in a couple of seasons but now I’m all caught up. Steve Kornacki rules.— Shan (@ShanWow78) December 7, 2020 Watch his coverage below.

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