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Extreme Abortion Restrictions Are On The Ballot In Louisiana And Colorado

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["Illustrasie: Damon Dahlen/HuffPost; Foto's: Getty Voters in Louisiana and Colorado are casting their ballots on two extreme anti-abortion measures that could have devastating effects on people seeking abortions and...

How States Are Laying The Groundwork To Abolish Legal Abortion

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["With Amy Coney Barrett’s ascension to the Supreme Court, the future of Roe v. Wade — the landmark decision establishing the constitutional right to an abortion — appears less certain than ever. If Roe falls, the le...

Polish Women Protest At Catholic Churches Over Country’s Near-Total Abortion Ban

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["WARSAW (Reuters) - Thousands of activists disrupted church services across Poland on Sunday, chanting during mass and spraying slogans on walls to protest against a court ruling that amounts to a near-total ban on a...

Colorado Rejects Ballot Initiative Seeking To Ban Abortion Later In Pregnancy

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["Coloradans voted down an extreme anti-abortion ballot measure that would ban abortion after 22 weeks, The Associated Press projected on Tuesday night. The ballot initiative, Proposition 115, would have threatened p...