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Anthony Mackie Shares Hilarious Story About Meeting Chadwick Boseman

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["Chadwick Boseman was a hero on and off camera, and in true Marvel fashion, his friendship with one fellow Avenger has a pretty hilarious origin story. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Marvel co-star...

As A Formerly Incarcerated Addict, I’m Overjoyed About Oregon’s New Drug Law

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["Igor Vershinsky via Getty Images I cried when I saw it, tears of joy streaming down my face when I found out Oregon’s ballot initiative to decriminalize possession of illicit drugs had passed. It passed on the birth...

BBC Anchor Clashes With John Bolton In Tense Interview About Trump’s Impeachment Trial

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["BBC John Bolton BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis found herself in a tense on-air clash with Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton last night. An agitated Bolton repeatedly told Maitlis to “let me finish”...

Biden’s Approach To Brazil’s Bolsonaro Could Prove He’s Serious About Climate Change

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["As record numbers of fires scorched the Amazon rainforest during each of the past two summers, far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro knew where to turn for refuge from international scorn: the United States. ...

Chrissy Teigen Shares Emotional Essay About Pregnancy Loss

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[]["JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX via Getty ImagesChrissy Teigen shared her experience with pregnancy complications and loss after nearly a month of social media silence.Chrissy Teigen opened up about her heartbreaking pregna...

CNN Fact-Checker Makes Blistering Conclusion About Donald Trump’s Dishonesty

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["CNN’s fact-checking reporter Daniel Dale showed how President Donald Trump’s “dishonesty is getting worse” in the final stretch of the 2020 选举. Dale noted in an article for the CNN website Monday how Trump had...


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["保守派专家查理赛克斯周一警告唐纳德特朗普最热心的支持者,当他们最终意识到他不会继续担任总统时,他们会期待什么. Sykes 告诉 MSNBC 的 Nicolle Wallac。.

Demi Lovato Jokes About Short Engagement To Max Ehrich At People’s Choice Awards

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["Demi Lovato hosted the E! People’s Choice Awards on Sunday and got personal with the people. The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer joked about her brief engagement to former soap actor Max Ehrich. Lovato explained in the mon...

Don Trump Jr.’s Boast About ‘Cleaning My GunsIn Quarantine Gears Up Twitter Critics

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["Screen Shot/Instagram/Donald Trump Jr. Don Trump Jr. in quarantine: Happy at home, cleaning his guns. Comments on Twitter blew up Saturday after Donald Trump Jr. posted a perky Instagram video message announcing he’...


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["小唐纳德特朗普. 在 Twitter 上抱怨美国的“暴政”,许多人认为这有点自私. 唐纳德特朗普的长子继续他自己的努力推翻 2020 选举—— ...

During Trump’s Presidency, Movies And TV About Ambitious Women Hit Very Differently

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["ILLUSTRATION: ISABELLA CARAPELLA/HUFFPOST; PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES There’s a scene from the movie “Broadcast News” that plays endlessly in my mind. Brilliant network news producer Jane Craig (Holly Hunter) knows her bes...

Even ‘BirtherOrly Taitz Isn’t Sure About Trump Lawyer’s Claim He ‘Won In A Landslide

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["Orly Taitz, the California dentist-lawyer who was a leader in the “birther” movement to delegitimize former President Barack Obama, said Tuesday she would “absolutely” be willing to join President Donald Trump’s leg...

Experts Say ‘Nothing AbnormalAbout Massive Gator Freaking Out Social Media

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["An enormous alligator spotted in Naples, Florida, has caused some to make a snap judgment. The Naples Daily News reported Wednesday that the baby dinosaur was spotted at Valencia Golf & Country Club by PGA professio...

Eyewitness Exposes The ‘SickTruth About Trump’s Treatment Of Migrant Children

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["President Donald Trump insists that hundreds of migrant children who were separated from their immigrant parents and held in detention centers are “so well taken care of.” But a reporter who saw how those kids are t...

Fox News Is Pushing Dangerous Propaganda About Election Theft

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["As the Republican Party seeks to delegitimize President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, Fox News hosts are acting as eager accomplices in spreading false claims of voter fraud and lending their immense platforms to consp...


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["乔治克鲁尼直言他的可怕 2018 最新一期GQ在意大利发生摩托车事故, 他被评为该杂志的年度偶像. 演员和导演在结束时与汽车相撞 70 ...