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40 Hilarious Tweets About Self-Checkout

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[]["Self-checkout has changed the in-store shopping game. For some, it’s a helpful convenience that reduces the need to interact with people and allows for petty theft (joking!). For others, it’s a confusing, misfunct...

Teen With Stutter Who Spoke At DNC Thrilled About Biden’s Victory

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["A 13-year-old boy with a stutter who met Joe Biden on the campaign trail is thrilled his new pal won the presidential election. In a video clip that went viral, 拜登, who stuttered when he was young, encouraged Bra...

Experts Say ‘Nothing AbnormalAbout Massive Gator Freaking Out Social Media

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["An enormous alligator spotted in Naples, Florida, has caused some to make a snap judgment. The Naples Daily News reported Wednesday that the baby dinosaur was spotted at Valencia Golf & Country Club by PGA professio...

我开始服用百忧解. 这是它教给我的保守家庭关于心理健康的东西.

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["由 Stacia Datskovska 提供 作者. 五月我发现自己蜷缩在厨房的地板上——麻木哭泣. 我妈妈站在我旁边求我停下来. 最终, 当她意识到我不会回应时, 她 ...

Why I Lie About Being Disabled

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["Courtesy of Kara Garbe Balcerzak The author enjoying her favorite activity in 2014, one year before her accident. Almost as soon as I stopped working, I began lying about it. It started a few days after my last day ...

Demi Lovato Jokes About Short Engagement To Max Ehrich At People’s Choice Awards

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["Demi Lovato hosted the E! People’s Choice Awards on Sunday and got personal with the people. The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer joked about her brief engagement to former soap actor Max Ehrich. Lovato explained in the mon...

Thoughtful Quotes About Motherhood From Rachel McAdams

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[]["Axelle/Bauer-Griffin via Getty ImagesRachel McAdams welcomed a son in 2018.Rachel McAdams is familiar with the chaos, exhaustion and sheer joy of parenthood.The actor has a 2-year-old son with her partner, Jamie L...

31 Of The Funniest Tweets About Cats And Dogs This Week (十一月. 7-13)

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["Woof — it’s been a long week. If you feel like you’ve been working like a dog — or like the cat-astrophic news cycle is making you want to claw up your furniture — let us offer you the internet equivalent of a big p...


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["乔治克鲁尼直言他的可怕 2018 最新一期GQ在意大利发生摩托车事故, 他被评为该杂志的年度偶像. 演员和导演在结束时与汽车相撞 70 ...


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["尼克·奥弗曼很高兴能成为关于科林·卡佩尼克的新 Netflix 系列剧组的演员. “公园与休闲”演员, 他在 NBC 情景喜剧中著名地描绘了罗恩·斯旺森(Ron Swanson)的角色, 公开...


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["小唐纳德特朗普. 在 Twitter 上抱怨美国的“暴政”,许多人认为这有点自私. 唐纳德特朗普的长子继续他自己的努力推翻 2020 选举—— ...

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Pete Buttigieg Dishes About Why He Appears On Fox News So Often

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["Former Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg has been going on Fox News a whole lot lately, and on Tuesday he explained his reasoning. Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, 印第安纳州, went on ABC’s “Th...

Wendy Williams Responds To FansConcerns About Behavior: ‘I’m Not Perfect

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["Talk show host Wendy Williams has addressed viewer concerns about her well-being, telling “The Wendy Williams Show” fans she’s “not a perfectionist.” After an odd and erratic performance during a show last week, Wil...

Michael J. Fox Warns About Going ‘Back To The FutureOf 2020 In Lil Nas X Video

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["Great Scott, Lil Nas X! The year 2020 is heavy. In a trailer for a new music video, “Holiday,” Lil Nas X apparently goes into the past and becomes the new Santa Claus. But if you’re thinking this is like the “Santa ...

During Trump’s Presidency, Movies And TV About Ambitious Women Hit Very Differently

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["ILLUSTRATION: ISABELLA CARAPELLA/HUFFPOST; PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES There’s a scene from the movie “Broadcast News” that plays endlessly in my mind. Brilliant network news producer Jane Craig (Holly Hunter) knows her bes...