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乔治亚州政府. 布赖恩·坎普 (Brian Kemp) 撕毁《海妖》’ 被操纵的选举投诉是“神话”’ 在法律诉讼中

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["佐治亚州共和党州长采取法律行动. 布赖恩·坎普 (Brian Kemp) 将特朗普法律团队的选举舞弊投诉称为“神话”。坎普提出的驳回对选举结果提出质疑的诉讼的动议称,这些投诉是“o...

Trump Swiftly Blows Up His 1 Decent Conservation Action

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["The Trump administration wasted no time proving what was clear from the get-go: that its support of a major public lands bill was nothing more than pre-election greenwashing for President Donald Trump and two Senate...

Californians Reject Effort To Reinstate Affirmative Action Policy

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["California voters rejected a ballot measure in Tuesday’s election that sought to give public institutions the ability to reinstate affirmative action policies, The Associated Press projected Wednesday. Had it passed...

GOP Congressional Wins Dash Hopes For Ambitious Climate Action Next Year

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["Republican victories in Tuesday night’s election and a still-tight race between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden cast doubt over the chances of the United States enacting significant measures to curb pl...

Affirmative Action Supporters Could Finally Revive It In California

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["Justin Sullivan via Getty Images People protested Prop 209, California's anti-affirmative action law, in San Francisco back in 2012. Eight years later, voters could finally overturn it. 在 1996, California became t...