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Akteur David Prowse, Wie het Darth Vader in die oorspronklike Star Wars gespeel’ Trilogie, Dood by 85

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["Britse akteur David Prowse, wat die uiteindelike skermskurk Darth Vader in die oorspronklike "Star Wars"-trilogie gespeel het, is oorlede. Hy was 85. Hy is vroeg Saterdag na 'n kort siekbed oorlede. "Dit is met groot spyt en h ...

Actor Natalie Morales Explains Why She Thinks Trump Appealed To Many Latino Voters

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["Actor Natalie Morales used her own family members as an example when discussing why she believes President Donald Trump saw some surprising gains in support from Latino voters in 2020. Early polls consistently show...

‘SurfaceActor Eddie Hassell Dead At Age 30

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["Eddie Hassell, an actor known for roles in the Oscar-nominated movie “The Kids Are All Right” and NBC sci-fi series “Surface,” was shot and killed Sunday in what appeared to be a carjacking, his manager told Variety...

Neo-Nazi Ex-Marine And Porn Actor Arrested In Conspiracy To Hide Weapons From Government

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["A porn actor and two former Marines, one of whom was recently discharged from the service after being exposed as a white supremacist, were arrested on federal weapons charges last week, although federal officials ar...