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The Problem With Saying ‘When Things Get Back To NormalAfter COVID-19

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[]["Oliver Helbig via Getty ImagesDr. Anthony Fauci has said that getting back to normal isn’t “going to be a light switch that you turn on and off.\"How many times in the last few months have the words “When things g...

Trump Mocked After Claiming He’s ‘Most Innocent ManIn U.S. History

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["Donald Trump’s penchant for hyperbole reached new heights Monday evening in Grand Rapids, 密歇根州. During a rally there, the chief executive started griping about the many investigations he’s faced while in office,...

特朗普政府在法庭裁决后全面恢复 DACA 保护

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["圣地亚哥 (美联社) — 特朗普政府周一表示,它完全恢复了奥巴马时代的儿童入境暂缓遣返计划,该计划保护数十万年轻人免于被驱逐出境, 遵守...

Supreme Court Blocks Wisconsin From Counting Mailed Ballots Received After Election Day

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["华盛顿 (美联社) — The Supreme Court is siding with Republicans to prevent Wisconsin from counting mailed ballots that are received after Election Day. In a 5-3 order, the justices on Monday refused to reinstate a lo...

Twitter Users Ramp Up Calls For Colin Kaepernick’s NFL Return After CowboysLoss

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["People are once again calling out the NFL for Colin Kaepernick’s absence from the league after the Dallas Cowboys suffered a sizable loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Monday night. Fans of the activist and former Sa...

GA Poll Worker In Hiding After False Fraud Claims Surface Online

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["亚特兰大 (美联社) — With all eyes on Georgia’s razor-thin presidential vote margin, falsehoods are swirling on social media about supposed ballot counting irregularities there. Among the most widely shared examples is a ...

Supporters Rally Around Meghan Markle After Duchess Writes About Pregnancy Loss

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["Supporters are praising Meghan Markle for coming forward and discussing her experience losing a pregnancy in July. In an emotional essay for The New York Times called “The Losses We Share,” that Duchess of Sussex w...

Ocasio-Cortez Delivers Yet Another Takedown After Trump’s Rally Insult

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["President Donald Trump keeps pumping out the insults, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) just keeps knocking them right back at him. At a campaign rally Monday in Lititz, 宾夕法尼亚州, the president tossed o...

More Than 130 Secret Service Officers In COVID Isolation After Trump Campaign Rallies

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["A coronavirus outbreak has forced more than 130 我们. Secret Service officers to isolate or quarantine themselves after either testing positive for the illness or coming into close contact with someone who has, The W...

Ice-T: ‘No MaskerFather-In-Law Is Now A ‘BelieverAfter COVID-19 Horror

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["Actor Ice-T used his “no masker” father-in-law on Sunday as a cautionary tale while the coronavirus pandemic surges unchecked into the holiday season. The “Law & Order: SVU” star tweeted the ordeal of Steve Austin ―...

‘SNLStages Musical Love Letter To NYC After Trump’s ‘Ghost TownDiss

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["NBC via Getty Images New York City is famously not a ghost town on \"Saturday Night Live.\" New York City never looked more alive than during an all-star musical tribute on this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live.” Ret...

Michiganders Erupt After Their Maskless Lawmakers Sip Dom Perignon At Trump Hotel

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["After appearing to acquit themselves rationally after a controversial White House meeting with President Donald Trump on Friday, Michigan’s lawmakers were photographed celebrating maskless and downing pricey Dom Per...


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["俄勒冈州医学委员会周四投票决定无限期暂停医生的执照,因为他吹嘘自己和他的员工“没有一次”在他的诊所戴口罩来帮助阻止 COVID-19 的传播. 板发...

Holocaust Survivors Reunite After Randomly Finding Each Other Via Zoom Prayer Service

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["纽约 (美联社) — Holocaust survivors Ruth Brandspiegel and Israel “Sasha” Eisenberg call their reunion a miracle that began on the holiest day in Judaism, and it only happened thanks to a prayer service that was held...

After Trump’s Defeat, His Supporters Held A Heavily Armed Pity Party

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["HARRISBURG, Pa. — After news networks declared President Donald Trump the loser of the 2020 election on Saturday, about 2,000 of his supporters gathered here in the capital of Pennsylvania — a must-win state the pre...

周末爆炸“腐败”’ 格莱美奖之后 2021 提名冷落

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["Weeknd 轻扫了一下 2021 在成为年度最引人注目的冷落之一后,本周格莱美提名. 加拿大创作歌手, 本名亚伯·特斯法耶, 获得了批判性和商业性。.

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