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Honeymoon Already Shaky: Joe Biden Hits A Nerve On Twitter With Money Plea

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["President-elect Joe Biden, hat in hand, appealed to voters Friday for funding for his administration’s transition into the White House. Ah, nope would be Twitter followers’ stunned response. “Here’s the deal,” Biden...

Tropical Storm Eta Floods Already Drenched Florida Cities

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["FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — Cities in South Florida mopped up after Tropical Storm Eta flooded some urban areas with a deluge that swamped entire neighborhoods and filled some homes with rising water that did not d...

What The Fa-La-La Is THIS?!? Hallmark Channel Is Going Full Christmas Already

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["Halloween is still more than a week away, but you wouldn’t know it from watching the Hallmark Channel. The network’s full slate of Christmas programming kicks off at 6 a.m. on Friday. “Jingle Bell Bride,” the first...

‘Terrible And Unfair’: Trump Already Bashes Next Debate Moderator, Kristen Welker

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["President Donald Trump is already attacking NBC’s upcoming debate moderator, Kristen Welker, as “terrible and unfair” in what appears to be preemptive damage control. It’s a change of tone from January, when Trump c...