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Another Prosecutor Quits Trump’s Policing Task Force, Worried It Will Cause Further Division

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["A Kansas prosecutor working with President Donald Trump’s controversial law enforcement task force resigned from his role, telling Attorney General William Barr in a letter that he was “deeply offended by a politica...

In Another Legal Blow To Trump, Pa. Supreme Court Tosses Suit Challenging Mail-In Ballots

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["Pennsylvania’s highest court dismissed a lawsuit on Saturday from U.S. 代表. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) and other Republicans who’d sought to challenge the legitimacy of the approximately 2.5 million mail-in ballots cast in ...

Kamala Harris Gets A Big Laugh Out Of Another Trump Run: ‘Please

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["Vice President-elect Kamala Harris enjoyed some comic relief Saturday when a reporter asked for her reaction to the possibility of Donald Trump running again for president in 2024. “Please,” she responded, deadpan, ...

Republicans Confirm Another One Of Trump’s Unqualified Court Picks

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["On a day when the United States surpassed a quarter of a million people dead from COVID-19, Senate Republicans were busy taking action on something else: confirming another one of President Donald Trump’s judicial n...

Seth Meyers Says He Just Found Another Reason To Vote Trump Out

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["President Donald Trump has been making some strange threats about what he’ll do should he lose the election ― and some of them might backfire. At a campaign rally last month in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Trump to...

这 2020 选举: Another Case For Getting Rid Of The Electoral College

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["这 2020 election shouldn’t be a nail-biter. As of Wednesday morning, Democrat Joe Biden had earned 69 百万票, 或者 50.1% of those cast. President Donald Trump had earned 66.3 百万票, or just 48.2%. As ...

Trevor Noah Suggests Another Horrific Way ‘You Can DieAt A Trump Rally

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["Trevor Noah on Wednesday fired an icy blast at President Donald Trump after his Omaha, Nebraska, campaign rally stranded hundreds in freezing temperatures. Shuttle buses arranged by the president’s reelection campai...

Trump Says He’s Kept ‘Every Single One’ Of His Promises. CNN Shows Why That’s Another Lie.

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["President Donald Trump’s boast about keeping “every single one” of his promises that he made on the 2016 campaign trail was swiftly debunked on Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Outfront.” CNN correspondent Tom Foreman ...

Trump’s Election Party Sure Seems Like It’s Another Superspreader Event

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["The Trump administration may have declared the coronavirus pandemic to be over, but the disease is rapidly spreading ― both across the country and in President Donald Trump’s own White House. Just over a month afte...