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People Aren’t Buying Mike Pence’s Latest Comments About COVID-19 Victims

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["Vice President Mike Pence claimed Thursday “not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought personally about families that have lost loved ones” to COVID-19. And critics weren’t buying it. “I want to assure each of you...

You Aren’t Ready For This Soccer-Playing Moose

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["Call it Lionel Moose-i. A soccer-playing moose wandered onto a playing field in Homer, Alaska, recently and showed some bystanders how it’s done. The athletic moose kicks the ball around and somehow propels it towar...

The MDA Telethon Is Back. Many Disabled People Aren’t Happy About It.

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["Emily Wolinsky was around 14 years old when she organized her first protest. Wolinsky, now 43, has spinal muscular atrophy, and was attending Rotary Sunshine Camp in Rush, New York, a free summer camp for kids with ...