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Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey bevestig dat Trump op die lyn was toe hy telefoonoproep geïgnoreer het

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["Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey wou nie onderbreek word terwyl hy Joe Biden se verkiesingsoorwinning in die staat sertifiseer nie - nie eens deur Donald Trump nie. The Republican state leader confirmed Wednesday that the defeated p...

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Appears To Ignore Call From Trump While Certifying Election Result

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["Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey appeared to have ignored a phone call from President Donald Trump or Vice President Mike Pence while he was certifying the state’s election results on Monday. In viral video below, the Republ...

Arizona Certifies Biden Win, GOP Governor Calls State’s Elections System ‘Strong

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["Arizona officials have certified Joe Biden’s narrow victory over President Donald Trump in the state. Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and Republican Gov. Doug Ducey stood up for the integrity of the electi...

Meghan McCain Uses Trump’s Trolling Against Him After He Loses Arizona

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["“The View” cohost Meghan McCain trolled President Donald Trump after the networks called her home state of Arizona for President-elect Joe Biden on Thursday night. And she did it by sharing a meme with a twist on an...

Arizona Voters Approve Tax On Wealthy To Fund Public Schools

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["Arizonans voted to boost taxes on high earners in order to steer more money to public schools, marking a major win for the Red for Ed movement that began with a wave of teacher strikes in several states two years ag...

Trump Backers Converge On Vote Centers In Michigan, Arizona

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["Dozens of angry supporters of President Donald Trump converged on vote-counting centers in Detroit and Phoenix as the returns went against him Wednesday in the two key states, while thousands of anti-Trump protester...