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Arizona Voters Approve Tax On Wealthy To Fund Public Schools

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["Arizonans voted to boost taxes on high earners in order to steer more money to public schools, marking a major win for the Red for Ed movement that began with a wave of teacher strikes in several states two years ag...

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Confirms Trump Was On The Line When He Ignored Phone Call

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["Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey didn’t want to be interrupted while he was certifying Joe Biden’s election victory in the state ― not even by Donald Trump. The Republican state leader confirmed Wednesday that the defeated p...

Trump Backers Converge On Vote Centers In Michigan, Arizona

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["Dozens of angry supporters of President Donald Trump converged on vote-counting centers in Detroit and Phoenix as the returns went against him Wednesday in the two key states, while thousands of anti-Trump protester...

Meghan McCain Uses Trump’s Trolling Against Him After He Loses Arizona

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["“The View” cohost Meghan McCain trolled President Donald Trump after the networks called her home state of Arizona for President-elect Joe Biden on Thursday night. And she did it by sharing a meme with a twist on an...