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Busker Keeps Calm And Plays Keyboard As Anti-Lockdown Protest Rages Around Him

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["The show had to go on. A busker calmly continued his rendition of The Bangles’ 1988 hit “Eternal Flame” as an anti-coronavirus lockdown protest in Barcelona, Spain, flared around him over the weekend. Video shows Pe...

Join The Conversation Around Elections And Politics

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["HuffPost Illustration In a recent poll, one of HuffPost members’ top-requested features was a roundup of reader comments. During this historic U.S. election campaign, we know our readers will have a lot to say. And ...

2020 Election Live Updates: Read The Latest On Races Around The U.S.

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["Tuesday is the last day voters can cast their ballots in the 2020 verkiesing. President Donald Trump (R) and former vice president Joe Biden (D) are facing off at the top of the ticket. Also at stake is control of the...

Jennifer Lawrence Celebrates Joe Biden’s Win By Running Around Boston In Pajamas

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["If you happened to be in Boston on Saturday morning and saw a pajama-wearing blond running through the streets, there’s a good chance that was actually Jennifer Lawrence. The Oscar winner danced like nobody was wat...

Supporters Rally Around Meghan Markle After Duchess Writes About Pregnancy Loss

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["Supporters are praising Meghan Markle for coming forward and discussing her experience losing a pregnancy in July. In an emotional essay for The New York Times called “The Losses We Share,” that Duchess of Sussex w...

Laverne Cox Wants To Reframe Narrative Around Transgender Rights With New Project

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["Leave it to Laverne Cox to shine bright amid both a pandemic and a politically divisive moment for the world. A Netflix documentary she executive-produced, “Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen,” debuted to great accla...