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Female Artists Dominate Best Rock Performance Category, Make Grammys History

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["Who run the world the Best Rock Performance category at the 2021 Grammy Awards? Girls. The nominations for the upcoming 63rd annual Grammy Awards were announced on Tuesday, with some artists making history with thei...

Black Trans Artists Honor Victims Of Transphobic Violence In Powerful Music Video

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["A trio of Black transgender women traverse a pandemic-shuttered New York in “But... I Survived,” a music video project aimed at honoring victims of transphobic violence. Set to the tune of Sia’s “Alive,” the “But.....

Artist’s Comics Honestly Capture Pandemic Life With Her Family

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[]["Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, artist Adrienne Hedger has been chronicling life at home with her husband and two teenage daughters.Because of COVID-19, the family of four has been spending a lot more time to...

A Live Q&A With Groundbreaking Latinx Artists

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["Huffpost Latinx Artists Our 2020 Latinx Heritage Month series, “Quiénes Somos,” focuses on nine amazing and original creators in the Latinx community. With a backdrop of the pandemic, solidarity and a global push fo...