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전 스탠포드 대학 동료들이 백악관 태스크포스를 떠나는 스콧 아틀라스를 응원합니다.

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["박사. 스콧 아틀라스(Scott Atlas)는 몇 달 동안 사회적 거리두기 정책을 지지하고 COVID-19에 대한 의료적 합의에 이의를 제기한 후 월요일 백악관 코로나바이러스 태스크포스에서 사임했습니다.. 폭스뉴스에 자주...

Scott Atlas Resigns After Whispering Controversial COVID-19 Advice Into Trump’s Ear

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["박사. Scott Atlas, a controversial pandemic adviser to President Donald Trump who was lambasted for supporting the idea of herd immunity to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, resigned from his role on Monday. “I worked ...

Stanford Faculty Condemns ‘ObjectionableColleague Scott Atlas

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["Stanford University’s faculty senate issued a forceful condemnation of its controversial colleague and President Donald Trump’s health adviser, Scott Atlas, for spreading disinformation about COVID-19, saying that h...

Chris Cuomo Rages At Scott Atlas: ‘Shame On You!’

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["Chris Cuomo went scorched earth on Dr. Scott Atlas Monday after President Donald Trump’s health adviser urged Americans to “rise up” against new COVID-19 safety measures enacted by Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (NS)...

박사. Scott Atlas: Fauci Is A ‘Political Animal,’ COVID-19 Lockdowns ‘Kill People

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["박사. Scott Atlas, the White House’s controversial coronavirus adviser, took aim at Dr. Anthony Fauci on Tuesday, labeling the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases a “political animal”...