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Kelly Loeffler’s Repetitive ‘Radical LiberalDebate Attack Inspires Drinking Game

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["Twitter users following Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s (电阻) debate against her Democratic opponent were so awed at her relentless repetition of the attack phrase “radical liberal” that they were inspired to talk up a ...


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["冠状病毒大流行肆虐,因为许多美国人及其政治领导人无视博士的指导. Anthony Fauci 和其他卫生官员. 但福克斯新闻人物塔克卡尔森周三震惊了。.

说唱歌手 Mo3 在达拉斯袭击中在高速公路上被枪杀, 警察说

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["达拉斯 (美联社) — 达拉斯说唱歌手 Mo3 在白天对该市高速公路的袭击中被枪杀, 当局说. 28岁的演员, 本名梅尔文·诺布尔, 在州际公路上向北行驶 35...

Lions Attack Buffalo, Buffalo Rams Jeep In Chaotic Chase

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["A buffalo with a lion clamped to its backside rammed a safari jeep in South Africa, recent video posted by Kruger Sightings shows. (Watch it above.) The impact shocked the tourists and the big cat, which released it...

Georgia Senate Candidate Releases Cutest ‘AttackAd: ‘By The Way, I Love Puppies

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["Democratic Georgia Senate candidate Raphael Warnock harnessed the cuteness of puppies to poke fun at the attack ads he predicted Trump acolyte Sen. Kelly Loeffler (电阻) will launch against him before their January run...

Trump Makes His Weirdest War On Christmas Attack Yet

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["Halloween is nearly two weeks away, but President Donald Trump just fired a salvo in the “war on Christmas” with a strange new line of attack on former Vice President Joe Biden. While speaking in Carson City, Nevad...