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Trump Campaign Doubles Down On Attacks On Gov. Whitmer After Pushback

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["President Donald Trump and his campaign on Sunday doubled down on their attacks against Michigan’s Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who was the target of an alleged kidnapping plot involving some of the president’s...

‘AngryTrump Attacks Polls, Press And Dr. 파우치

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["TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — An angry President Donald Trump came out swinging Monday against Dr. Anthony Fauci, the press and polls that show him trailing Democrat Joe Biden in key battleground states in a disjointed closi...

Why ‘Defund The PoliceAttacks Were So Potent Against Democrats

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["John Nacion/Getty Images A protester in New York City wears a face mask calling to \"Defund Police.\" The activist cry is now the subject of fierce debate among Democrats. This time, Emily Skopov thought she had a g...

Murkowski Says It’s ‘Time’ To Begin Biden Transition, Blasts Trump For Election Attacks

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["그것의. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) said Sunday that it’s time for President Donald Trump to begin the official transition process before President-elect Joe Biden assumes office in January, lambasting the Trump administ...

트럼프 무역 고문, 바이든 공격으로 해치법 위반, 감시자 라고

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["백악관 무역 고문 Peter Navarro는 연방 정부의 일부 구성원이 정치 활동에 참여하는 것을 금지하는 연방법을 반복적으로 위반했습니다., 미국. 특검은 월요일에...