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Wisconsin Lawyer For Trump Campaign Takes Action To Throw Out Own Ballot: Verslag

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["In a surreal twist, the lawyer leading Donald Trump’s Wisconsin election battle is seeking to throw out thousands of “illegal” votes, including his wife’s and his own, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported. Attorn...

Die komediant Sarah Cooper skeef skreeusnaaks uit vir Trump Camp se absurde stembriefuitdagings

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["Die gewilde TikTok-komediant Sarah Cooper het haar Maandag in haar jongste video as 'n prokureur vir Donald Trump-veldtog voorgedoen, drie Demokratiese stemme vir die verkose president Joe Biden uitdaag omdat hulle "sjokoladesous" op t..

Colorado Rejects Ballot Initiative Seeking To Ban Abortion Later In Pregnancy

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["Coloradans voted down an extreme anti-abortion ballot measure that would ban abortion after 22 weeks, The Associated Press projected on Tuesday night. The ballot initiative, Proposition 115, would have threatened p...

USPS Says COVID-19 Is Delaying Ballot Delivery In Swing States

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["COVID-19 cases and “employee unavailability” are behind the significant slowdowns in ballot delivery happening in parts of Michigan and Pennsylvania, die VSA. Postal Service told a federal court this weekend. Agency...

Official: Pennsylvania Ballot Count To Take ‘DaysAfter Election

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["Pennsylvania’s top election official predicted Sunday that it will be “days” after Election Day until all ballots in the swing state are counted. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump reportedly plans to declare victory...

Massachusetts Asks FBI To Investigate Fire Set Inside Ballot Drop Box

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["The Massachusetts secretary of state asked the FBI to investigate a fire that was set inside a ballot drop box in Boston early Sunday morning. The Boston elections department notified Secretary of State Bill Galvin ...

Unofficial Ballot Boxes, Voter Suppression And Census: Uitsigte van HuffPost-lesers

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["HuffPost Illustration In a recent survey, een van HuffPost-lede se mees gevraagde kenmerke was 'n samevatting van leserskommentaar. Elke week, HuffPost editors read your comments on our top stories and highlight those that...

What Is A Provisional Ballot, In elk geval?

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[]["ASSOCIATED PRESSVoters are given a provisional ballot when their voter eligibility is in question. If you vote in person during the Nov. 3 presidential election, you may be asked to fill out a provisional ballot. ...