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Hong Kong’s Leader Says She Relies On ‘Piles Of CashBecause Of U.S. Sanctions

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["Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, said in an interview Saturday that she has no bank account and relies upon “piles of cash” for her finances because of U.S. sanctions against the city. Lam told the Hong Kon...

Courteney Cox Re-creates Iconic Turkey Dance Because ‘FriendsWill Be There For You

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["Thanksgiving celebrations were perhaps a little smaller than usual this year due to the pandemic. But even now, Courteney Cox will be there for you. On Thursday, the “Friends” star posted a message on Instagram in w...

19 Incredible Pumpkin Pie Recipes, Because One Is Never Enough

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[]["Alles danksegging: Kry al ons Thanksgiving resepte, hoe om te doen en meer!Pumpkin pie is one of the quintessential Thanksgiving desserts. And while the pilgrims’ idea of pumpkin pie was radically different from...

Because Of The Pandemic, People Are Battling A Disorder They’ve Never Faced Before

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["Antonio Masiello via Getty Images \"If you are a front-line worker right now ... I’m here to remind you that you did not sign up for this, just as our clients and patients did not sign up to have COVID-19, cancer, s...

2020 Feels Like An Apocalypse Because It Is One

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["Giovanni Bazzana, a professor of New Testament at Harvard Divinity School, has been studying the apocalypse for years. He’s taught classes about the subject and has scoured through many ancient texts. That’s why, wh...