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Trump Supporters Are Already Trying To Tank A Potential Biden Presidency

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["“Maricopa!” or maybe “Philadelphia!” is on its way to becoming the next “Benghazi!” There is good reason to think that Joe Biden got enough votes to defeat Donald Trump in the Electoral College and become the next p...

Latino Biden Supporters In Philadelphia Grasp For Answers As Night Wears On

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["Kevin Lamarque/Reuters Joe Biden speaks to a largely Mexican American audience in Las Vegas on Oct. 9. Some supporters wish Biden had invested more resources in Latino outreach in Pennsylvania. PHILADELPHIA ― The mo...

Big Tech Is The New Big Tobacco And Joe Biden Doesn’t Get It

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["Carlos Barria / Reuters In 2014, the leading economic mind from Barack Obama’s administration left office to become president and partner of the private equity firm Warburg Pincus. The revolving door between Wall St...

Biden noem John Kerry as klimaatgesant

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["Die verkose president Joe Biden het John Kerry as sy spesiale gesant oor klimaat aangewys, die voormalige minister van buitelandse sake opdrag om 'n 180-grade-draai in die VSA te stuur. diplomacy on the issue and advising the incoming administrati...

Joe Biden belowe 'tyd om te genees’ In Victory Speech

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["Die verkose president Joe Biden het die pos Saterdagaand aanvaar in 'n toespraak uit sy tuisstaat Delaware, belowe om 'n land te herbou wat deur veelvuldige krisisse verskeur is ná vier jaar van chaotiese heerskappy van president Don..

Conan O’Brien Asks: Joe Biden Looks Like What Snack If Donald Trump Is A Cheeto

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["Conan O’Brien said he had an idea Thursday that is “gonna heal this divided country” as President Donald Trump baselessly denies President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory. And it’s snacks. No, not the munchies we...

Activists Urge Joe Biden To Pull Out Of Saudi Arabia’s Brutal War In Yemen

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["President-elect Joe Biden could dramatically improve the worst humanitarian crisis in the world within hours of taking office in January with one simple step: ending American support for the Saudi-led military campa...

Joe Biden Ran On Character. That’s Not Going To Fix What’s Broken With America.

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["Brian Snyder / Reuters Trump’s removal alone will not solve the nation’s troubles. It will not even prevent them from deepening over the next few months. The results, at last, seem clear. After several emotionally w...

Murkowski Says It’s ‘Time’ To Begin Biden Transition, Blasts Trump For Election Attacks

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["Sy. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) said Sunday that it’s time for President Donald Trump to begin the official transition process before President-elect Joe Biden assumes office in January, lambasting the Trump administ...

‘America Is Back’: Biden Pushes Past Trump Era With Nominees

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["WILMINGTON, Van. (AP) — Declaring “America is back,” President-elect Joe Biden introduced his national security team, his first substantive offering of how he’ll shift from Trump-era “America First” policies by rely...

Trump Bashed For Falsely Claiming Biden Called Black Kids ‘Super Predators’

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["Twitter users mercilessly mocked President Donald Trump on Sunday after he falsely claimed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden referred to Black adolescents as “superpredators.” “Joe Biden called Black Youth S...

Mnuchin Denies Trying To Hinder Incoming Biden Administration

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["WASHINGTON (AP) — Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin denied that he is attempting to limit the choices President-elect Joe Biden will have to promote an economic recovery by ending several emergency loan programs bei...

Trump Fails To Convince Michigan Lawmakers That Joe Biden Didn’t Win The Election

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["President Donald Trump failed to convince Michigan lawmakers in a White House meeting that Joe Biden fraudulently won the presidential election in their state, they said in a statement. “We have not yet been made aw...

Joe Biden To Name Coronavirus Task Force Headed by Former Surgeon General On Monday

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["President-elect Joe Biden plans on Monday to name a 12-member coronavirus task force to be co-chaired by former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, according to several media reports citing anonymous sources. Other chairs...

Trump Attorney Mocked For Demanding Biden Prove Trump’s Fraud Claims

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["A top legal adviser to President Donald Trump’s campaign elected to make a bizarre suggestion to President-elect Joe Biden Thursday: Prove you actually won the election. The Associated Press and other media outlets ...

Disability Advocates Express Joy After Biden Name-Checks Them With Important Word

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["Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images President-elect Joe Biden greets the crowd Saturday after his address to the nation from the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware. In sy toespraak, hy het gesê: We must make the promise of the...

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