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No, Biden Didn’t Refer To Trump As ‘GeorgeDuring A Campaign Event

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["Right-wing Twitter was in a frenzy Sunday night when President Donald Trump’s campaign tweeted a clip purporting to show Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden referring to Trump as “George” during a virtual camp...

Joe Biden Ran On Character. That’s Not Going To Fix What’s Broken With America.

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["Brian Snyder / Reuters Trump’s removal alone will not solve the nation’s troubles. It will not even prevent them from deepening over the next few months. The results, at last, seem clear. After several emotionally w...

Biden Transition Team Starts Reviewing Judicial Nominees

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["Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press President-elect Joe Biden's transition team is reviewing potential nominees for judgeships. President-elect Joe Biden’s team has started reviewing candidates for judicial nominations...

Biden Inauguration, COVID-19 Restrictions And QAnon: Views From HuffPost Readers

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["HuffPost Illustration In a recent poll, one of HuffPost members’ top-requested features was a round-up of reader comments. Every week, HuffPost editors read your comments on our top stories and highlight those that ...

Jordan Klepper Asks Trump Supporters To Explain Biden Conspiracy Theory AndWow

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["Jordan Klepper of “The Daily Show” just attended what will likely be his final rally for President Donald Trump. Klepper, who has been trolling Trump supporters at rallies and “boat parades” since last year, tried ...

Just Skip The Senate To Install A Cabinet, Progressives Urge Joe Biden

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["President-elect Joe Biden faces the very real possibility of taking office with a Senate controlled by Republicans, ready to block him at every turn. Progressive activists say they have a simple solution, at least w...

More GOP Senators Have COVID Than Have Acknowledged That Joe Biden Won

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["Here’s a guessing game that perfectly suits the sad state of affairs in the U.S. 상원: How long until the number of Republicans who accept Joe Biden as the president-elect surpasses the number of them who have tes...

바이든, 주택장관으로 마샤 퍼지 선출, 농업용 Tom Vilsack

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["워싱턴 (AP) — Joe Biden 대통령 당선자가 오하이오주 의원을 선택했습니다.. Marcia Fudge는 주택 및 도시 개발 비서이자 전 농업 장관인 Tom Vilsack이 행정부에서 그 역할을 다시 수행합니다.,...

Hundreds Of Military Families Sign Letter In Support Of Joe Biden

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["More than 300 military families signed a letter Friday endorsing Joe Biden for president, saying he’s “intimately familiar” with their experiences, while President Donald Trump has “made a mockery” of their ideals. ...

Biden Campaign: Trump Has ‘Harder Hill’ To Climb To Win Election

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["Kevin Lamarque/Reuters Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden holds a megaphone during an Election Day event in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, 11월에. 3, 2020. President Donald Trump will need to overcom...

Trump Attorney Mocked For Demanding Biden Prove Trump’s Fraud Claims

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["A top legal adviser to President Donald Trump’s campaign elected to make a bizarre suggestion to President-elect Joe Biden Thursday: Prove you actually won the election. The Associated Press and other media outlets ...

우리를. 연방 사형수에서 여성만을 처형하기 위해 8 바이든 취임 며칠 전

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["유인물/로이터 리사 몽고메리, 1월 사형 집행 예정인 연방 교도소 수감자. 12, 2021, 날짜가 지정되지 않은 사진에서 연방 의료 센터 포트 워스에서 포즈를 취합니다., 그녀의 변호사의 호의. 리사 몽고메리, NS...

Biden Says He Opposes Term Limits On The Federal Judiciary

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["Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Monday that he opposes term limits for federal judges ― his latest comment on what he would or wouldn’t do to the court system if elected president. As part of his plan...

President Trump Releases Statement From The Golf Course On Projected Biden Win

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["Moments after Democrat Joe Biden was projected to be the winner of the 2020 presidential election, President Donald Trump released a statement on Saturday declaring that his opponent “is rushing to falsely pose as t...

Joe Biden Says ‘More People May Die’ If Trump Keeps Obstructing Transition

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["President-elect Joe Biden said Monday that the biggest threat posed by President Donald Trump’s refusal to cooperate with Biden’s transition team is that “more people may die” if he can’t access the outgoing adminis...

버락 오바마는 축구 유추로 트럼프의 바이든 선거 음모를 논박하다

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["버락 오바마 전 대통령은 축구에 비유하여 도널드 트럼프 대통령의 계속되는 도둑질 시도를 폭로했습니다. 2020 선거. 오바마는 대규모 유권자 사기에 대한 트럼프의 근거 없는 주장과 그의 거짓 주장을 비유했다..

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