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Joe Biden Receives Most Votes In Presidential Election History

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["There’s no clear winner yet in the 2020 presidential election, but Democratic nominee Joe Biden has already made history by winning the most votes a presidential candidate has ever received in a U.S. verkiesing. The f...

Japanese Mask Maker Dumps Trump, Embraces Biden

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["TOKYO, Nov 12 (Reuters) - For a mask producer in Japan, the transition from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden has been a smooth one, as it switches production to masks of the Democrat president-elect. Ogawa Studio...

Joe Biden verdedig sy kabinetskeuses: 'Dit is nie 'n derde Obama-termyn nie’

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["In 'n onderhoud met NBC se Lester Holt Dinsdagaand, Die verkose president Joe Biden het kritiek uitgespreek dat sy administrasie staatmaak op te veel figure wat voorheen onder voormalige president Barack O..

20 Republican Former U.S. Attorneys Condemn Donald Trump, Back Joe Biden

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["Twenty former U.S. attorneys ― all appointed by GOP presidents ― gave 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden their “strongest endorsement” in an open letter slamming President Donald Trump’s politicization of the Justice...

Joe Biden belowe 'tyd om te genees’ In Victory Speech

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["Die verkose president Joe Biden het die pos Saterdagaand aanvaar in 'n toespraak uit sy tuisstaat Delaware, belowe om 'n land te herbou wat deur veelvuldige krisisse verskeur is ná vier jaar van chaotiese heerskappy van president Don..

Biden Filling Top White House Team With Campaign Veterans

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["ATLANTA (AP) — President-elect Joe Biden announced a raft of top White House staff positions on Tuesday, drawing from the senior ranks of his campaign and some of his closest confidants to fill out an increasingly d...

Biden sê hy hoop dat Trump die inhuldiging bywoon om te wys dat 'chaos' verby is

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["Die verkose president Joe Biden het Donderdag gesê hy hoop dat president Donald Trump volgende maand sy inhuldiging sal bywoon, ten minste om aan Amerikaners te demonstreer dat die land verby die “chaos wat hy is, beweeg het ...

Biden Has 1-Word Response To Trump’s Insult That He’ll ‘Listen To The Scientists

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["Former Vice President Joe Biden on Monday shot back at President Donald Trump’s scornful take on how he’d approach the COVID-19 pandemic if elected president. Trump focused on the coronavirus ― which has killed mor...

Biden reageer op verslae Trump sal vroeë oorwinning verklaar: ‘Gaan nie dit steel nie’

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["Demokratiese presidentskandidaat Joe Biden het gesê Sondag sal president Donald Trump nie die verkiesing "steel" nie te midde van berigte wat hy beplan om 'n voortydige oorwinning op die verkiesingsaand te verklaar as vroeë tellings hom voorlê., d ...

Biden Coronavirus Task Force Member: ‘We Are About To Enter COVID Hell’

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["Renowned infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm on Monday spelled out exactly what Americans should expect to see from the coronavirus pandemic in the next few months, warning: “We are about to enter COVID hell...

Biden Announces More Cabinet Picks, Including First Latino Homeland Security Chief

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["President-elect Joe Biden announced another wave of senior staff picks for his administration on Monday, including the first Latino person to be nominated for secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Alejan...

Joe Biden Reportedly Planning Visit To Georgia Where Polls Show Very Tight Race

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["Joe Biden is reportedly planning a visit to Georgia, a state that hasn’t voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1992 but where recent polls show him neck-and-neck with President Donald Trump. Biden will...

Trump Supporters Are Already Trying To Tank A Potential Biden Presidency

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["“Maricopa!” or maybe “Philadelphia!” is on its way to becoming the next “Benghazi!” There is good reason to think that Joe Biden got enough votes to defeat Donald Trump in the Electoral College and become the next p...

Biden Has Won 306 Electoral Votes. Trump Called That A ‘Landslide’ 4 Years Ago.

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["Multiple news outlets have now declared Joe Biden the winner of 306 electoral votes in the presidential election, a figure that President Donald Trump has often called a “landslide” after he won the same amount in 2...

Trump Says He’s Not Thankful, Refuses To Say If He Will Attend Biden Inauguration

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["President Donald Trump refused on Thanksgiving to say if he will attend President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, didn’t rule out a run for the White House in 2024 and said the Electoral College will make “a massive...

Here’s What Joe Biden Would Change On COVID-19 Starting Day One

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["If former Vice President Joe Biden takes up residence in the White House in January, Americans can expect a very different approach to confronting the coronavirus pandemic than they’ve seen from President Donald Tru...